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[CG] The July Election (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

Chicago, Central USA
Day 1401
Article #40

As I am sure all my readers are now aware, the July Presidential elections did not go smoothly. Ronald Reagan II came out on top through the use of multi accounts, as determined by the game's mod team. Before he was banned, however, a number of events took place.

1. The treasury was temporarily relocated to the accounts of Dr Rush and Sir Hypnotoad (myself), by order of the outgoing President, met3_ . This has been standard election procedure where Ronald Reagan / Ronald Reagan II / [whatever he will come back as] is involved, I'll explain more later on.

2. A civil war (which is currently on-going) was started by Feefaroni to remove Ronald Reagan II from the Presidency.

3. An impeachment was proposed by paranoidmelon .

Some have raised concerns about these events, and I am perfectly willing to address them. I would also like to note that I have gone over RR before , so read that before you comment on him.

The treasury being temporarily relocated into the hands of myself and Dr Rush by the outgoing President has been standard electoral procedure when RR is involved in the election. We have no desire to let him use the money of the American people to hire foreign tanks to oppose civil wars, which is exactly what he would do with the treasury. Therefore, it was decided months ago, and has been re-done in every election since, that the President should take extra steps to secure the government's treasury from RR, employing this contingency plan that has not previously been necessary. This has had the blessing of both the executive and the legislature.

People are picked by the outgoing President, but generally they are people with a long record of service to the government that the President can trust. Once the new government is secure, the assets are returned to the government orgs and the debts incurred by the holders to ensure the government's property are canceled. This has been done every month for the past several months, all without a single problem ever occurring.

Now, let's get to the real issue here. What threw a wrench into the gears of American government was the prompt action of the mods in reviewing the election and banning Ronald Reagan II for his conduct during it. We have long suspected rampant use of multiple accounts by him, but have previously had to wait several days for moderator action, if any action were taken at all, to correct election results. The government was unwilling to potentially wait this long, and so took immediate steps to ensure that Ronald Reagan II would not remain President, these steps included an impeachment and a civil war, with the civil war being an insurance policy in the event of the impeachment failing.

All this drama came as a result from the rapid response from the mod team, which took most of us by surprise. Had we known that was going to happen, the civil war probably wouldn't have been launched, relying on the Congressmen (even RR's minions) to note that having a President who is permanently banned isn't exactly the best move. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Fortunately, this isn't really that bad of a mistake in the grander scheme of things-both Snowball the Dinosaur and Feefaroni are long-term American players, with both being ex-Presidents. No harm has really been done here, thanks to the prudence of the American Government and the rapid response by the moderation team. The only real problem is drama for the sake of drama.

I congratulate anyone who made it through all that, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions concerned citizens might have. Here's a little treat for being awesome:


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Comments (4)
07-07-2015 7:20:21
(4 years ago)

I have logs with RR promising to steal the funds from the orgs for his own use.

Pm me if you would like to see them.

07-07-2015 6:10:39
(4 years ago)

People who smoke are dirty people. I insist on a non-smoking picture of a smoking-hot dude in his undies.

07-07-2015 4:09:36
(4 years ago)

I hate to say this buh i have seen a Permanent Bann Multi account Show up and as C.P. i gave the guy CS . so i do not truly trust very many of the "Mechanics" to ever actually work as indicated by the verbiage.

To stop a raid on the Markets ,I wrote a series of Trust Contracts with the Gov and made transfers through contract.

To believe that the ORG was investigated and Banned lol prior to that work around , stems from another faulty game mechanic, this mechanic is such that it allows perfectly decent citizens to be accused of just about anything and have them run through a wringer as Admin sorts it out.

After spending six months in the Orient and really trying to make the End Game Historically significant , I find more buggered up game mechanics that are just to convoluted for words.

Perhaps this RR fellow may have improved the game by showing that it is a ship with many leaks.

07-07-2015 1:12:12
(4 years ago)

RR called me a rape victim and called himself a rapist. fact.

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