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[CG] Brief Message from Pfeiffer (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

Since Pfeiffer is muted for the moment, he has asked me to share the following message:


There you have it. For those of you concerned Pfeiffer has designs on the Presidency, he does not. He will be removed by the new Congress, of his own accord, once the civil war is successful. The new Congress will then get together and select a new President.

Pfeiffer just beat everyone else to the civil war button. No more, no less.

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Comments (3)
08-04-2015 4:03:11
(4 years ago)

Very glad he won't be CP. I'm glad we have a log to ensure he wont be CP. So all new congress should support this none-CP Pfieffer

08-04-2015 4:00:14
(4 years ago)

How can anyone truly trust Pfeiffer?

08-04-2015 3:58:14
(4 years ago)

He also says that he is more handsome than Ajay, smarter, and officially greatest President ever .

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