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[CG] National Moe Front Party Updates (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

It has apparently been more than two years since my last article, so for people who are getting this in their subscription box, congratulations on still being here and still subscribing. There's a treat if you read to the bottom.

For many months, I have been the leader of America's most prestigious political party, the National Moe Front . In that time, I have always stood for national activity, and a government that actually tries to work together. Traditionally, this has been done on the e-Sim section on the national forums , where Congress has traditionally done its business.

We have not gotten that government recently.

For several months now, we've had a President who all but stopped communicating with the Congress. Congressional votes have largely been held on the basis of voting "yes" if the President did, and voting "no" if the President did.

This is an unacceptable situation for America to be in, and I hope that our new President, Fransharry will take steps to ensure that the new administration will be better in this regard.

However, I also have a role to play in this. As the party leader, it is my job to vet congressional candidates before allowing them to run. To my knowledge the NMF has the most stringent requirements of any party, if the other parties even have any. Apart from obvious things, our main requirement has been to have an account on our national forums . When I instituted this policy several months ago, it was my hope that it would bolster activity.

It has not.

To redouble efforts at that original goal, I have decided to amend that policy.

From now on, any new candidate will be required to have an account on the national forums. Any current congressman that seeks reelection will only be approved if they have submitted a nomination for Speaker of the House during their term. For our current Congressmen, Prizrenasi15 , nikkapuhl3z3 , John Hinckley (although he's a superstar and already has), and iamreyche , the thread to do that is here . If you can't access that, let me know and I'll help you get that sorted out.

Why do I think encouraging use of our national forums is important? Why not just use discord or irc instead?

Discord and irc are great for some things. They're great for quick discussions with the people who happen to be on at the same time you are. That can be very helpful. But it is not helpful for most government discussions. Those tend to require the participation and input of people with many varying schedules in their real lives, and from different timezones, if successful policy is to be crafted. Forums are essentially built for this purpose. Not only do they allow those sometimes very long discussions to take place orderly, but with an easy and clear record of those discussions as they unfolded. They have the added benefit of easy access to past discussions on government matters, that can prove helpful to current ones.

We elect our Congressmen and President to have these discussions, alongside the President's selected cabinet. To not have them is downright criminal to the electorate and is unworthy of us being their elected representatives.

I invite the other leaders of America's top 5 parties ( Up0neLevel of US Unity Party, TeamA of A United America, davidj of Youth of America, and Lady Mushroom of LIBERTY) to join me in this endeavor, if they seek an active and competent America.

We all deserve a better America. Let's fix it.

Now for the treat at the end:

isn't Sebastian Stan just dreamy?

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Comments (5)
08-11-2017 21:12:03
(1 year ago)

Fransharry , did the direct link to the e-sim section of the forum help you at all? The e-Sim section is under General Discussion-->Gaming-->e-Sim. If that doesn't help, this post should help. Let me know if you're still having issues.

Up0neLevel , I really can't respect your opinion until you give actual reasons why you believe it to be true. I've given examples for when I believe forum communications are superior to irc/discord, and my examples are backed up by other long-term members of the community who also recognize this distinction. Your only arguments so far have been to say the forums are "silly", "counterproductive", and that irc/discord are "the best", without any support for those opinions.

I can't respect opinions that have no objective reasoning behind them. You've offered superficial, subjective reasons, and those aren't worthy of respect.

08-11-2017 17:48:02
(1 year ago)

I fully endorse this message and approach.

Real-time communication (IRC, Discord, etc.) is valuable for many areas of the game and has a role to play. But so do asynchronized platforms like the forums. As others have noted, they are good for collaboration among people who cannot be online at the same time, and because they preserve a historical record for future Congress members to use as reference.

08-11-2017 16:16:39
(1 year ago)


The reason for the forums is so information record can be kept, and laws passed over several time zones. The United States isn't Europe, we're a large nation with 5 time zones, meaning while someone in Boston is on Discord discussing legislation, the player in San Francisco is still at work/school.

Not EVERYTHING is discussed on the forums, it is mostly major changes in policy and such that may require congressional approval based on the traditions of eUS Government established long before you (and many others) every joined the game.

08-11-2017 14:45:16
(1 year ago)

sorry i think your forums are counterproductive. Real time communication has always been and still is the best way to communicate. i respect your opinion. i hope you respect mine, and you are not really on any real position to force your "forum" on us as you are not on any position to be declaring any national platform. good luck have fun!

08-11-2017 12:33:48
(1 year ago)

I'm on the forum for long time and still can't find e-sim (primera) topics..

I will be very pleased if u give us direct links or coordinations where can we find primera players on forum and where can we discus, thx a lot

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