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Yupster Holding N.V.


Chairman (CEO)
Total Shares:383
Estimated value:
3557.35 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
9.29 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:4
Total companies:15

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Company statute

Yupster Holding NV aims to be a player of significance on the international market in all fast-moving products (both raw and finished).

- CEO and majority shareholder will remain Yupster, as he is founder of the company and main contributor. His stake will at all time represent a minimum of 51% of the total amount of issued shares.
- Dividend will be paid once a month and only if profit has been achieved;

Future goals:

- upgrade Iron company to level 5 grade (completed);
- upgrade Q4 weapons company to Q5 ;
- upgrade Gift company to Q5;
- upgrade Bread company to Q5;
- upgrade Quarry company to Q5;
- upgrade Defence company to Q3;
- upgrade Housing company to Q4;
- upgrade Wood company to Q5.

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Issue shares Accepted 1 month ago
Pay dividend Accepted 1 month ago
Issue shares Accepted 2 months ago
Pay dividend Accepted 3 months ago
Pay dividend Accepted 4 months ago

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Citizen Role
Yupster CEO
Yupster Company manager
Yupster Supply manager
Yupster Accountant


Company Type Location
YUPSTER Bakeries q5 Q5 Food
USA - Western USA
YUPSTER Defence q1 Q1 Defense System
Sweden - Smaland Scania
YUPSTER Diamonds Asia q1 Diamonds
China - South China
YUPSTER Gifts q5 Q5 Gift
USA - Western USA
YUPSTER Grain q5 Grain
Bulgaria - Vidin
YUPSTER Housing q1 Q1 House
Ecuador - North Amazon
Yupster Iron Mining q5 Iron
USA - Western USA
YUPSTER Medical q2 Q2 Hospital
USA - USA Pacific Coast
YUPSTER Oil q4 Oil
Poland - Pomerania
YUPSTER Quarry q1 Stone
Peru - Northwestern Peru
YUPSTER Security q1 Q1 Estate
USA - USA Pacific Coast
YUPSTER Travel q4 Q4 Ticket
USA - Central USA
YUPSTER Weaponry q5 Q5 Weapon
USA - Western USA
YUPSTER Weapons Q1 q1 Q1 Weapon
USA - Western USA
YUPSTER Wood q1 Wood
Austria - Burgenland-Carynthia


Yupster Bakeries upgraded to Q5....another goal achieved!
Yupster (CEO) posted 4 months ago

Yupster Security founded in the USA
Yupster (CEO) posted 1 year ago

Yupster Medical founded in the USA!
Yupster (CEO) posted 1 year ago

Yupster Housing founded in Brasil
Yupster (CEO) posted 1 year ago

Yupster Wood founded in Italy!!
Yupster (CEO) posted 1 year ago

Yupster Oil founded in Poland!
Yupster (CEO) posted 1 year ago

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Volume Citizen
300 (78.33%)
81 (21.15%)
1 (0.26%)
1 (0.26%)

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