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[CG] The Conduct of Ronald Reagan (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

Chicago, Central USA
Day 1310
Article #39

America, it has been a number of days since I last talked to you. Since then, a wolf in sheep's clothing has appeared to threaten the American state, and this is none other than Ronald Reagan , the recently elected President.

Setting aside his previous conduct in games like this , I believe him to be a dangerous influence on this nation based solely on his conduct here, so far. I know that there are those of you who are devoted to him. I know that there are those of you who are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt--this is a mistake. There are four events that I specifically wish to raise attention to.

1. The Speaker of the House elections

When the March-April Congress was elected, this meant that it was time for a new Speaker of the House to be elected as well. The Speaker of the House is the "leader" of Congress, it is his job to make sure that Congressmen are working and following the Congressional By-Laws. Both Ronald Reagan and paranoidmelon ran for the position, paranoidmelon finally won in a 7-6 vote.

Ronald Reagan then raised a massive storm, denouncing the vote as illegitimate and against the by-laws, without ever actually addressing why or how it was. This is what led to the 80+comments on the national shout. The thing to note here is that he was perfectly willing to recognize the Congressional By-Laws as legitimate, until he didn't have the possibility of having the power to control them, at which point they became illegitimate.

2. Asking the Speaker of the House to vote against Ronald Reagan 's impeachment as a condition for being granted a seat in the cabinet.

In his latest Presidential article , Ronald Reagan addressed this issue in the following manner:

To put it bluntly, this is much, much less than a Presidential answer. First of all, real-life politics and political theory of this kind really hold no ground here. Secondly, dissent has always been allowed, even from cabinet members. The American Cabinet has never been a circle of yesmen who support the President in every issue. That's not what an American Cabinet has looked like...ever. This is an offence to the principles of democracy themselves.

3. Giving citizenship to foreigners in return for their vote supporting his Presidential bid.

There's a strange sight that one can see while looking through accepted citizenship applications. Specifically, this:

For those of you too lazy to google translate, that says "I want US citizenship certificate". Clearly, though, given the dating and the fact that he's already an Israeli citizen again, he didn't actually want citizenship, he wanted a vote in the Presidential election. Considering Ronald Reagan is the one who gave him citizenship...we can safely assume who he voted for. Wouldn't it be strange if the one vote he won by was one he specifically arranged for a foreigner to give him after he gave said foreigner temporary citizenship?

Oh, wait. That's exactly what happened.

4. Hiring foreign mercenaries and giving them citizenship in return for supporting the current government.

This one is particularly disturbing to me. This is a conversation that occurred last night in the national chat. I would like to draw particular attention to these lines:

02:15 RonaldReagan I am going to try to get us a few Serbian mercenaries
02:15 RonaldReagan Hopefully we can get them in time
02:15 RonaldReagan Would 3 or 4 make a difference?
02:15 RonaldReagan like really strong ones

Once again, Ronald Reagan shows his true colors, by seeking to have his friends in Congress grant citizenship to foreign mercenaries in order for them to fight against the rebels in the upcoming Civil war. Civil wars are supposed to be internal affairs, not to be interfered with by outsiders. Certainly not by mercenaries, and certainly not when they need citizenship in order to participate. Citizenship is not something one hands out like candy for political advantage. This is a disturbing use of power, and hardly fit for a sitting President to even be considering.


America, it is for these reasons that I am asking you to support the rebels in the upcoming civil war .

Ronald Reagan has shown us that he will do whatever it takes to acquire power.
Ronald Reagan has shown us that he will do whatever it takes to hold onto said power.
Ronald Reagan has shown us that he regards any authority he cannot personally control to be illegitimate.

America, this is not the kind of person we should have as our President. He will do whatever it takes to acquire and hold onto power, and for that reason alone, we, as Americans, should make it our duty to deny him that.

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Comments (4)
08-04-2015 2:56:16
(4 years ago)

1. I never even said anything about other YoA Congressmen not using the forums.

2. Not how politics works here.

3. You're not even going to admit that it is highly suspicious that you gave a foreigner citizenship right before the Presidential elections, and he waited until after they were over to go back to Israel? Because any sane person would admit that it is incredibly suspicious.

4. I haven't done anything to bring foreign citizens in. Those applications were accepted by Congressmen acting of their own free will. Besides, all of the people accepted have been American citizens for significant amounts of time, and have spent significant amounts of time interacting with the American community. They are expats volunteering to fight against you, because they care for this community. You'll note how they aren't foreign mercenaries.

I actually can't stand Pfeiffer, but he is by far a better side to be on than yours.

08-04-2015 2:23:43
(4 years ago)

1- Enough already. We've been through this, and no one is forcing our Congressmen not to use those forums. They do not wish to. They're not slaves. They have choice over whether they want to or not. 2. He abstained which is fine. I'm not going to invite someone in my government who actively is trying to rip it down. That's common sense. Nothing to defend there. 3. Outright lie. He never even answered me. I wanted to use my pass before I resigned my seat to run for President. Stop making up conspiracy theories. 4. The only one whose done that so far is you by bringing in foreign citizens to fight for your rebellion.

You are an ally of Pfeiffer. That's all we need to know about your character.

Your issues are primarily personal against me and from another game... just like his.

You lost the CP Election.
You lost the impeachment.

Stop being a sore loser and ripping the country in half.

08-04-2015 1:26:53
(4 years ago)

For me, i see this as migration of interested players to the Americas .
This is hardly a PTO . Americans given a choice tend to build bridges
to unite The People .

I thought we already had a CW a long time back for the experience of our people .
If we do have another everyone must fight for both the rebles and loyalists to get the maximum experience from this endeavour. Hold damage , yet hit at least one hit for each side . America lost a lot of great players before this last reset Please contribute to their good work .


07-04-2015 23:11:00
(4 years ago)

I thought Ronald was supposed to be a conservative but now I'm not so sure.

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