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[CG] Presidential Memorandum on the Northern Provinces (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

Chicago, Central USA
Day 1127
Article #38

My fellow Americans and foreign readers, welcome to the first American Presidential announcement since the apocalypse commenced. We have all been working hard to restore proper function to the bodies of society and government.

As part of this endeavor my predecessor, Queen Feefaroni , has launched a military operation to restore order to the rebellious Northern Provinces , bringing back proper American governance to this troubled region.

Already, the regional administrative center of the Northern Provinces, Ottawa, has been brought back under American control, as have the fertile grain fields of the Northwestern Pacific Coast of America.

Therefore, as President of the United States of America, I issue the following decree:

1. All regions located on the North American continent that are north of the Mexican regions of Baja Calafornia and Northern Mexico are considered core territory of the United States of America
2. Any attack on these regions, or any attempt to destabilize American control over them, will be regarded as an act of war by the United States of America

Ceterum autem censeo Canada esse delendam

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Manifest destiny

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sic semper Canada

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