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[PH/Eco] What's On Your Mind, Capitalist? (Economical)
Posted 5 years ago by
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For the past few months, the e-Philippine economy has fluctuated quite drastically due to some measures made by the last few batches of the Congress together with their respective Country Presidents. All they want is to have the economy as stable as possible, but at some point, the results didn't go well as they planned.

As the higher authorities make and enact economic laws, the community must shift to the ever-changing battleground involving too much gold and local currencies. Even the military realm of the game is somehow attached to this "evolution", especially to those Military Units who don't implement a commune system. Adapt to the change or be left behind. But for some reason, there has always been a resistance.

Recently, an article, which was posted a couple of days ago, caused an outrage among some people. Some high-profile citizens of ePH went on a continuous debate (until now) due to conflicting ideologies. The article's topic: minimum wages. It's okay to have a sort-of "friendly" argument, but there is one thing that quite irritates me: know-it-all newbies. They comment as if they know a lot already on how to ride the economic waves well enough. They talk as if they have tamed the hostility of the three main markets in e-Sim (Job Market, Product Market, Monetary Market). They act as if they have the experience to join the argument.

You buy and sell stuff at auctions, spend 20 gold and build a company, or you're rich, build a Stock Company. But what does it take to become a businessman? And as a businessman in e-Sim, what do you NEED to know? Here are some of the important things that you NEED to know about if you're going to be a business mogul, especially if you will venture at the e-Philippine Market:


Taxes is what drives the economy forward. Every time we work, we pay a specific amount of money to the government through Income Tax. Every time a businessman sell his products, the amount posted in the market is not the the same as the one he receives as we buy them due to VAT (Value Added Tax). And sometimes, when investors post their products in markets of other countries, Import Tax will be deducted further on their earnings.

This has been a huge concern from others who want to have easy money. As the congress calibrate the tax percentage, product sellers adjust their product prices or find new ways to sell them. Company managers adjust their employees' salaries. People tend to decrease their employees' salaries to lessen their burden of


STRADE or #strade is an IRC channel where traders and economic organizations enjoy a tax-free environment. Yes, even economic organizations. It may be also called as the black market in e-Sim (in other servers, they have also their own versions of #strade: #SeTrade in Secura and #SuTrade in Suna), although it's pretty wide open for all to use.

3) Economic Organizations

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