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The Supply Officer's Hidden Diary (Team Cup Edition) (Event related)
Posted 6 years ago by

Based on a true-to-e-Sim life story...

>>> January 17, 2014 (Day 865)

The freezing wind was blowing quite hard across the wooden room. As I sit on my bed, holding a cup of coffee on one hand and a computer mouse at the other, I was monitoring two battles involving my Motherland. It's now my seventh day working as a Supply Officer, since President Rec requested me to become the "Backup" if all the senior officers are unavailable to supply military kits to the members of our State MUs.

As I was about to sip on my cup of coffee, a newspaper was delivered. "Team National Cup", it says. I immediately contacted the President regarding this matter. As the conversation went along, he decided to give military supplies to all ePH citizens who will participate to the event. As he say his final remarks, I feel quite uneasy. Something's not right.

>>> January 19, 2014 (Day 867)

The date of the Team National Cup has been announced to the public. Day 871. Still, I haven't told my senior officers about our conversation with the President. It's still quite hard to imagine that he made that decision. As I go to the warehouse of our Military Organization to look for supplies at the storage, questions popped from my head. "Will the government be able to do this on a national scale?" "Will the e-Philippines survive another tournament?" "Will the government be able to finance the supplies that will be needed?"

As I browse through the ePH masterlist of all it's citizens, a piece of paper suddenly fell from a table. I was astounded when I saw the content in it. Only one word was written in that paper: TRUST. Suddenly, all my worries about the Team National Cup disappeared. I was worrying all along about the outcomes of the event. I should believe the words of our President, or else, we will lose.

>>> January 21, 2014 (Day 869)

This day has been another day of friendly fighting (not actually fighting, but more of an aggressive discourse) with my closest fellow senior officer, kyoushuu . Almost everyday since I became a supply officer, there is always a topic that we argue about, and as a result, more topics come in. In the end, it always turns out to be just a simple misunderstanding of things, and that's what made him one of my closest colleagues, not just during office hours, but also at leisure times as well.

As the President checks the funds of the National Treasury, I was ordered to go to #strade to look for products in order for us to buy cheaper supplies. Me, without hesitation, immediately followed his orders. I sensed the President's seriousness towards the Team National Cup through his actions. Our leader is very determined to win the event. His aura of a warrior is very contagious, to the point that we are being driven past our limits, but still very energized to do our daily tasks at the workplace. I may see a remarkable piece of history being written here.

>>> January 22, 2014 (Day 870)

I went to the cemetery to pay my respects to arnan . He has been my mentor and guide ever since I recovered from being hit by the banhammer. He has been always on my side when was in coma for about two days due to the said incident. He has been my main source of strength and support. To make the long story short, I owe my life to him. If not for him, most likely, I will not be here anymore. "If you're not killed the same way as I did," I said. Then a gentle breeze flowed across the eerie place. A whisper emanated through the place, saying "I'm still here." Quite weird enough to have a whisper popping along, but those words became one of my rhema words in case I became discouraged to do my work from that moment on. I can do this! I have to do this!

>>> January 23, 2014 (Day 871)

* 7:40 AM PHT (0:40 server time)

Soon after the teams for the Team National Cup were announced yesterday evening, I became skeptic if we will still win. Fighting against e-China on the first battle. "How can we able to win this?" With the mighty force of e-China, we might not stand a chance to win. But we have to. Even though I'm still doubting, I'm still pretty confident that e-Philippines will win. But how?

* 10:45 AM PHT (3:45 server time)

Why not make an article?

I contacted the President immediately after I thought about that matter. He agreed. Even though he was under sick leave, he's still approachable. That's one very good sign that a government is functioning well. After almost an hour, an article named "[PH] OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS (Team Cup - ePH) " was created and was spread around the whole country. It even reached the global headlines.

* 10:30 PM PHT (13:30 server time)

With a few minutes to go before the Cup, the government storage facility is now full of supplies, capable of supplying military kits to ePH soldiers for the first battle. As the Military Commanders and Supply Officers gear up to the upcoming event and go to the battlefield, I was left alone at the office, still contacting producers and suppliers for military kits. Luckily, as the prices spiked, I have found trustworthy persons to make contracts with. Special thanks to Edgar Savisaar and dane for the contracts.

* 2:00 AM PHT (17:00 server time)

Still suffering from headache after the first round of giving of supplies. The crowd is too big for us Supply Officers to handle. The result: CHAOS. We Supply Officers are also humans. We can feel exhaustion. We can feel pain from the wounds that were caused by those who are throwing very sharp words against us. We're not robots than can be programmed to give military kits to them in just a few seconds. It's not that I'm complaining. They just don't realize how much we are sacrificing just to give them what they need. If only... If only...

>>> January 24, 2014 (Day 872)

* 11:00 AM PHT (4:00 server time)

Just received some confidential news from the President. I just can't control my lips to smile after I heard them all as I continue my work to find for more supplies for the government. The amount of supplies in the storage is now depleting. Must... find... SUPPLIES!!!

* 5:00 PM PHT (10:00 server time)

All eyes are upon us in the battlefield. We were the only ones who were not yet finished fighting. Wait... Oops... The battle's already over, yet the war for supremacy is still not finished. On for the second battle!!!

>>> January 25, 2014 (Day 873)

* 11:49 AM PHT (4:49 server time)

A very strange weather phenomenon has loomed across the four battlefields for a couple of hours now. Until one minute ago, a very bright flash of light emanated through the areas, so bright that it can blind you in a split second. As the light dissipated, all our communications have been jammed. We cannot give supplies due to disorientation. We've just also heard that the communications of the other seven participating teams were also down. We'll just have to wait for our technicians to fix our communication lines.

Oh right!!! I will call that event "The First Maintenance Check". hehe...

* 8:00 PM PHT (13:00 server time)

As the e-Philippines and it's allies in the Cup advances through the final round triumphantly, the President, together with our senior Military Commander Duoyiza , told me to make another article as the amount of supplies being sent by the government will increase to ensure our victory. Thus, the second official announcement, "[PH] TEAM CUP FINALS (ePH) " was created, and was spread throughout the whole nation, though a little late because the Final battle has started 15 minutes ago.

* 5:00 AM PHT (22:00 server time)

Still need to give supplies for hitters. Even though the President's still awake, he's still not feeling well due to fever. Must stay awake somehow... (yawns)

>>> January 25, 2014 (Day 873)

* 9:45 AM PHT (2:45 server time)

ARGH!!! I slept!!! I should have bought more coffee at the nearby store. Anyways, the communications have been jammed again for more than two hours now. Oh well. Wait!!! The line's back! Wait... I won the congress elections!!! Thanks to those who have supported me... I will not lose and/or break your trust in me. Anyways, BACK TO WORK!!!

I'll call the communication jam "The Second Maintenance Check"...

* 12:05 PM PHT (5:05 server time)


The announcement made by a news station echoed across the whole battlefield. As the exhausted soldiers from both sides of the war wanted to end this battle with a clean fight, they stormed the headquarters of the said news station, led mostly by ePH and eUSA soldiers. They both wanted to have a decent battle for supremacy, without having delays or interruptions. As they freely entered the headquarters, people began complaining, but their voices went for nothing as no one from the news station faced them for more than three hours.

I'll call this event "The Third Maintenance Check"...

* 8:00 PM PHT (13:00 server time)

Fireworks still glitter the e-Philippine skies as the nation celebrates for being the Champions of the Team National Cup. I can't help myself from crying for our hard work was paid off. We Military Commanders and Supply Officers might not be recognized for what we have done for the country, but our legacies will forever be remembered... or not... hehe. One question popped into my mind. Did we really won the Cup? Hmmm...

Better to sleep now on my Q5 bed. I still have auditing to do tomorrow.

Good night...


That's all for now...


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