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Makedonia, Ephialtes in our big win? (Fun)
Posted 6 years ago by
Sivert Hoyem    

Yesterday was a big day for Greece.

We managed to fight back against G7 and kick Bulgaria out of Makedonia while we had once again the privilege of having great allies!!!

Although it was big win, unfortunately we witnessed a shamefull battle round , when respectfull members of Greek community fought against their own country in order to avenge the rest of us. Their problem and anger began when vlaxakis (the Shepherd) and zervakus (the Dwarf) start calling them names like "gay", "homo", "dr slut" etc.

Right after that, those members of our community destroyed our efforts in round 12 and by entering in T1 made the score 5-7 for Bulgaria.

I demand an official apology from:

Darth Mount

or else they have to abandon their military units and country.

With respect,

Sivert Hoyem , co-MoD (with other 5-6 idiots) of Greece

o7 Slovenia
o7 Guerilla
o7 Profi Si
o7 Serbia
o7 Israel
o7 Croatia
o7 Iran
o7 Ukraine

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Comments (14)
18-12-2012 16:47:56
(6 years ago)

σοβαρευτειτε ρεεεεε

17-12-2012 16:35:17
(6 years ago)


17-12-2012 13:26:53
(6 years ago)

γιατι μιλατε στα αγγλικα?

17-12-2012 2:30:44
(6 years ago)


16-12-2012 15:55:00
(10 hours ago)

I'm being backstabbed!
“Is it just me, or that sounded sexual?

:d :d

16-12-2012 19:51:02
(6 years ago)

Executor The Great thank you Captain Obvious!

16-12-2012 19:25:43
(6 years ago)

stfu gagar noob

if they did it there is a reason!

16-12-2012 17:18:07
(6 years ago)


16-12-2012 16:02:21
(6 years ago)

i vote yes in the New Impeach proposal i fully support my MU leader AntonisLL
we will win this fight against the evil government !!!!!!
Hail us!

16-12-2012 15:55:00
(6 years ago)

I'm being backstabbed!

Is it just me, or that sounded sexual?

16-12-2012 15:27:47
(6 years ago)

I suggest to kn*fe them

16-12-2012 15:02:25
(6 years ago)

I demand an official apology from:

Darth Mount

or else they have to abandon
their military units and country.

Unfortunately, it's not that simple. This seems to be a well-organized conspiracy.

AntonisLL for example is a MU leader himself. He can kick me out of MU anytime he likes.

Darth Mount on the other hand is an MP and he's trying to impeach me from President.

Poor me! I'm being backstabbed!

16-12-2012 14:52:48
(6 years ago)


16-12-2012 14:42:56
(6 years ago)


16-12-2012 14:03:39
(6 years ago)

It's you wou are traitors... all those in that puppet government!

Instead of joining our Bulgarian brothers, you try to "hang" true patriots like AntonisLL, Ruka13 and myself!

We will start a revolution... and toss all of you in the sea!

Hail us!

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