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[CRP] Transparency fades (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Article writed by: Jacobo Gronaven

While I have long been know to complain about the transparency of the previous liberties administration, I realize how truly much information has available, at least in comparison to this one.This Administration has show clear as they did it has little real intention of benign a open form of Government. For the most part, this administration has not operated Very democratically, for one it has given little credence to it's own Congress members in the lib can party. Much less the other parties, of which are more or less considered outsiders by the current government, and as within the party these seems to be a general feeling that the "others" do not care for the welfare of Canada.This shows clearly that this administration operates with the bravado of a government with a super majority and more, with perhaps 75% of Congress, but what does it really have?

A whopping 47%

Thats right, the party lacks a majority government and it has the nerve to operate as if it has the whole congress locked up! Why, Perhaps it is because Our Executive Branch, Owen and his cabinet, thinks their mandate was locked up from the start due to no candidates, that There should be no opposition because nobody bothered to run against them?

I remember before last congress elections, I was taking Colmc, a congress member and current Minister of Defense on why the Liberated Canada Party felt no real need to deal with other parties what so ever, they had a majority at the time. He told me that as the LC had a majority, that the government was to be purely run by liberated Canada Members and that those out side of the party were nearly opposition, and had no say in government.

He did however say that if the party did not have a majority, they would form a coalition, and until then he said that the Government would not need to talk to those outside. Mister congressman, the party of which you are a member of now has a minority of congress, so where is dialog with other parties, or the coalition?

No where to be found of course! The LC party rather attempt to invalidate other parties, as said before, rather then operate within standard operations of democratic government.

Many may not be willing to connect the dots, but our current state of transparency when it comes to foreign policy and other sectors directly has to deal with the authoritarian style of government we have.

It would make no sense for them to act like this if they truly respected the voting process, accept I get the feeling that operate such by looking at it from a power poltics perspective. They merely think that since they have the presidency, and they have the enough congress members to keep it, that they have no need to give an credence to open government.

Therefore our government is operated Like a Military Unit, like an army, not a civilian operation responsible directly to the people, it should come as no surprise that, of course that much of the Cabinet is full of Military leaders.

This can not be allowed If we do not see a fundamental increase of transparency and an increased respect for democratic principles, the best way to stop this as I see it, is also to play power politics with them, if they plan to run a government on the president's power alone, may we beat their party down 6 Congress Members, so they may know that if the majority does into want that government, it may have it's representatives do away with it if need be!

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Comments (13)
20-07-2012 23:27:13
(6 years ago)

Glad to hear that Jacobo, too many people around here complain without actually doing something about it.

20-07-2012 19:03:14
(6 years ago)

Also Ouzo, Last elect was uncontested but I guarantee you CRP will run a Candidate this time around.

20-07-2012 19:00:00
(6 years ago)

There were typos here and there, all my fault in the end.

I also wrote the piece in the way I did because I knew people would attack it anyway.

No need to hold back then.

20-07-2012 17:11:58
(6 years ago)


and if you can't find it you should reach out to other congressmen and/or the current CP and I am sure they would be willing to give you what you want or at least let you know what the situation is. Personally I have been able to find out most everything that I wanted to know either through the offsite, IRC, or messages with congressmen/CP

20-07-2012 17:09:23
(6 years ago)


To me saying someone is "bitching" isn't a negative a lot of good problems come to light when people bitch, so I am did not mean it to be a negative. However bitching also entails really talking about problems and not really about possible solutions (at least to me). So that is how I can respect his opinion and say he was bitching.

As to we don't respond because you didn't tell me how to fix it. Lets take this example correct me if I am wrong but Transparency and lack of a democratic process are the problems brought up in this article. I am not sure about the lack of a democratic process there is voting to elect congressmen and then those congressmen propose and vote on laws for the country (simplified). If enough people are unhappy with what those people elected did then they can elect new/different congressmen to represent them. Isn't that how the democratic process works?

Transparency is a little harder because there is so much information, but most can be found

20-07-2012 6:48:48
(6 years ago)

Thats right, the party lacks a majority government and it has the nerve to operate as if it has the whole congress locked up! Why, Perhaps it is because Our Executive Branch, Owen and his cabinet, thinks their mandate was locked up from the start due to no candidates, that There should be no opposition because nobody bothered to run against them?

Since you claim we don't have a majority but we act like we do, why don't you put your efforts towards doing something about it?

We don't 't have majority.. but we do? Huh? Not only do you contradict yourself to the fullest extent, but you also sound like a whiner because all you've done is write articles full of your complaints instead of trying to 'fix' things to your liking.

As you said, there was no opposition at election time.. Why shouldn't we do what we think is in Canada's best interest. NOBODY stopped you from running for CP.

Get some people who see things like you to put in work like us and we'll talk..


20-07-2012 6:14:24
(6 years ago)


Here, let me articulate myself a little bit better.


20-07-2012 6:00:06
(6 years ago)

I understand your point Jacobo, but without Liberated Canada, and the current government, not only would we be up sh!t creek without a paddle, we would also have a huge friggen hole in the boat, be surrounded by bull sharks with pieces of rotting cod wrapped around our b@lls.

Imagine if cweleman was CP. He would log in once to Canada Org to check the MM. Wow......what a Canada that would be.

20-07-2012 5:56:45
(6 years ago)

I think that you have some very valid points, but in all honesty, the point remains that apart from the Liberated Canada party and the Revolutionary Party, no other parties of members of congress give a flying fire truck about Canada!

1) They never talk on the offsite
2) They never engage in conversation in the shoutbox
3) They never write articles
4) They don't even get their friggen Military units to fight for Canada.

As far as I'm concerned, until they friggen help out Canada, they are not Canadian, and in my opinion, have no right to hold any power whatsoever. I think that the entire congress here in Canada should be split between Liberated Canada and Revolutionary, because, to put it bluntly, we are the only ones that give two sh!ts about Canada. All the rest are just medal hunters who do not contribute at all.

20-07-2012 5:08:03
(6 years ago)


How can you respect his opinion if you say all he is doing is bitching ?
It is a complete oxymoron

20-07-2012 5:05:08
(6 years ago)

In almex's defense, even if he were to have presented his case in a more "constructive" way as you put it, he would still get blasted by the currents government's clique. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that the current "powers that be" do not like it when people talk about them and hates it even more if someone has an opinion that does not jive with what they are doing.

It is either 1 of 3 standard responses from the members only club.

1) Go back and fix your grammar mistakes
2) You did not give any real solutions so I will not respond until you tell me how you would fix it
3) Shut up you are unpatriotic

All three of these correlate with the clique not being able to fully articulate themselves and not having any argument contrary to the stated opinion. In short, it is either do it there way or your wrong.

20-07-2012 4:16:17
(6 years ago)

I respect your opinion and all i hear is transparency, but you didn't present one solution to this problem. It seemed like more bitching that you didn't and don't get your way more than a truly constructive criticism of the government and a way to fix it. I am all for giving the people what they want, but you can't make everyone happy and just bitching about a problem won't help solve it.

20-07-2012 3:36:46
(6 years ago)

1. Some parts of this article were tough to read because of the high level of typos.

2. Colm is not the Minister of Defense.

3. You're dramatizing everything into 1 big government dictatorship, which of course isn't.

4. Blablablarandomcounterargumentblablabla

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