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About sCanada and more (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Hello sCanada people, I want to talk about "Canadian Revolutionary Party". For these who arleady are arleady party members I arleady said what I will do if I win this party leader elections. For there who not in party I can just said that "Canadian Revolutionary Party" will be best place for you. At first it would be more organized.
I don't know what is situation in others party, are they have chats and etc. but I am pretty sure that it will be first party in sCanada with chat and organized voting so more members from party could get to congress.

Now I would like to talk about government of sCanada. Please sCanada president and all this team to contact me. We would talk about baby boom in sCanada and ways to attract more players from Canada. And I would like to talk with his team and him about Alliances, wars and etc. I am asking to him to contact with me because I am in another time zone and its can be complicated to contact me. So we plan the time to meet in IRC or another chat program. For this time I don't have what to write but if president and this team talk with me you can expect more articles from my newspaper.


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14-07-2012 16:16:13
(6 years ago)

ha ha Ouzo, that's the point eventually anyway ,we don't want to have a bunch of fossils running the CRP, like is the case with the LC.

As for Almex, good luck, if you are not elected and I am, you will surely be head of CRP media and recruitment.

14-07-2012 8:22:32
(6 years ago)

The Liberated Canada Party has for the last few months been very active and organized. Recently, the founding fathers have somewhat stepped aside to let newer, more invigorated members take the reins!

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