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A Referendum on the Renewal of the Canada East Coast Rental Agreement. (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Article writed by: Jacobo Gronaven

As CEC rental agreement with the Usa ends this month, the CRP has believes that the only way we can be sure this rental is wanted by the population is by having a referendum. In April, when the Rental Agreement was first signed, the Country had it's first referendum and the rental agreement was accepted. However since then, players have joined and left, and opinions changed and the situation has changed.

Particularly we face a situation in which Usa has changed alliances and have allied Russia, the nation that threatened to take our south Korean holdings and the nation that occupied Western and Northern Canada for months. On top of this, Usa has been actively fighting against Poland and Slovenia, two of our most vital allies during our war in Korea.

With such a critical choice being made here, it only makes sense that we do a referendum on this, instead of simply having a congress dominated by people appointed through the use of Strategic voting methods, methods that should never be used outside of Preventing political take overs, choosing the destiny of the nation, we instead have the people have a direct vote on this.

Therefore to President Owen, I ask that you propose a Referendum on renewing the Rental Agreement, then have the Liberated Canada Congress members vote for it's passing, as I am sure that as they are basically appointed by the authorities of the Liberated Canada Party into congress, that they will surely vote for with you.

now as Almex I recommend a great MU. Its called "Canadian Clutch". for lazy readers I will post all MU main page info there

-Fun, competitive and active
-Work in an MU Company
-Pay 20 Gold
-Can clutch a round while blindfolded and drunk

Current Financial Goal:
Upgrading the Gifts company

Daily Payout:
10 Q5 food
9 Q1 & 1 Q5 Gifts
1 or 2 Q1 tickets
1 Q1 weapon per 5G donated
2 extra Q1 weapons per 25G

Donations Scoreboard:
OwenHargreaves - 160G - 44W
cubuffs - 125G - 35W
zerogab - 96G - 25W
nbarone007 - 80G - 22W
Marino S - 56.5G - 15W
JTFMathieu - 50G - 14W
fibo - 50G - 14W
yoyo995 - 45G - 11W
papa2009 - 40G - 10W
ajgray13 - 33G - 8W
theorules - 32G - 8W
kk454347 - 26G - 7W
Disel122 - 25G - 7W
SomeCrazyHobo - 25G - 7W
Boone459 - 20G - 4W
saintsfn27 - 20G - 4W
kwest78 - 20G - 4W
Almex - 17G - 3W
Pemise - 5G - 1W

W = Q1 Weapon

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Comments (6)
28-07-2012 21:23:31
(6 years ago)

4 Gold is a nothing for a government of a nation, we should do an in game referendum, not a forum poll!

As said by mMlson, many people rather not participate in the forums for reasons been stated over time, the only way to be sure to get a proper result is with an in game referendum.

28-07-2012 7:59:19
(6 years ago)

BTW I voted this article because I love active players who actually have something intelligent to say.

I agree 100%!

28-07-2012 5:39:09
(6 years ago)

The problem with the offsite is that it is not an accurate vote of the active population. As much as a benefit with having an offsite would be, some people just refuse to log in to it (Myself included thanks to a very public "discussion"

No matter how much roleplaying or discussion that happens in the offsite, the wide majority will never log in or even bother to look. I won't even go into the personal or lack of trust reasons why people will not log in. In the best of terms, 90% of active players do not bother going in. Even if they are active everyday within game, they do not care about forums. These are the people who hold a majority and who would contribute to the referendum vote.

BTW I voted this article because I love active players who actually have something intelligent to say.

28-07-2012 5:29:09
(6 years ago)

A referendum costs 2G + 1% of the active population. So it'd cost 4.something gold to run a referendum.

In my opinion it's a waste of Gold when I can simply open a vote on the offsite and link it here.

28-07-2012 4:19:28
(6 years ago)

Now this is a good idea......unfortunately for Jacobo though, when ever owen takes a dump jacobo wants to know every detail.....kinda like the boy that cried wolf syndrome....

But yes, a referendum would be nice.

28-07-2012 0:18:57
(6 years ago)

yes I think this is a very good idea!

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