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The Wolves Are Back! (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

WolfPack has been sleeping for a little while But, We're back, Here are some updates :



WolfPack's Current Members:


Supreme Commander xNetanel
vice Supreme Commander The Punisher BG & Maximandrei
Press Director xNetanel

Until next time,

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Comments (21)
08-01-2019 11:51:28
(4 months ago)


07-01-2019 23:05:44
(4 months ago)


07-01-2019 19:56:00
(4 months ago)

PS Hail Non-Stop

07-01-2019 16:45:42
(4 months ago)

At least no harry potter fan girls in hq, good luck

07-01-2019 14:04:53
(4 months ago)

I understood your point of view, but how do we kill the server? Turkey is our ally, isn't it normal to fight along them? And 150 ppl? Man, 150 ppl is literally all active players of this server, it's not even close to the real number

07-01-2019 9:44:46
(4 months ago)

So now we can start tanking against wolves?

07-01-2019 4:29:41
(4 months ago)

Okay guys, they caught us. Now all server knows that we have created Wolfpack just to delete Cyprus

07-01-2019 2:42:18
(4 months ago)

Psychosocial i m sorry that u understand nothing... every more player is activity.. when i keep busy turkish ppl with battles u see more ppl to shoot and more fun for them propably
from now u will see 3 or 4 less battles (iran cyprus and propably 2-3 rw s ) and reason is ok i can spend all of my gold and medkits but why ??? i can t win with 15ppl vs 150 did u got it ??
so what s the solution ? fight for what?

only loosers create alliances with 6 / 8 countries have borders to win other 2
think if poland hungary serbia ukraine bulgaria were in same ally..

btw enjoy your playing with more regions i won t care anymore

fortunately there are more servers

07-01-2019 2:17:06
(4 months ago)


and Tell me GOOD JOB that I wroted that Big Comment with my Broken English!

07-01-2019 2:16:04
(4 months ago)

It as i can talk about Secura:

-Chiwan was Delete: Mynmmar, Mongolia, India, Bhutan, Philipinse.

-Poland/Russia: Latvia, Sweden, Ukraine, Finland.

-for END: Greece Taked Republic of Makdonia for a Years - 'Greece Delete Makdonia' - and for Stupid reason about History... so Pathtic... - u all Look as Kids, not Helnic Heros...

and, My Point is: Don't think everyone/any Ally is the Best and Honest with her/their Acts...

In Secura have Little Balance
ur Side, and my Side - have the Winners and have the Lossers, that what make the Balance^.

if u want u can wake up ur Fighters, i see how u all Fight :/ 2-4 Mans with Medkits?... that not what i think from Greece :/ and ofc about "Cyprus"

Call to 8-15 People and Make ur Balance^
if not - u the Side who not make the Balance

Balanca need Two things, and in our Case - Defenders VS Attackers

Pick up Defenders - then u got the Balance that u so Sad about Lost.

06-01-2019 23:10:11
(4 months ago)

Kassi how were you keeping the server active? Fighting Turkey? It indeed made your ppl and turks active, but not the rest of server. And why can't you continue your work? Cause you lost? You only sound butthurt here my friend. Fighting you is the same thing as you fighting us

06-01-2019 19:45:38
(4 months ago)


06-01-2019 17:14:10
(4 months ago)

have a nice start o7

06-01-2019 16:18:31
(4 months ago)

i was the only guy who commented


we built a small group of secura players and came here to give some activity in this shitty server but u want it dead.. so we will continue play for bh s and enjoy your ''funny'' game

GL o7

06-01-2019 16:15:08
(4 months ago)

@kassi: wasn't talking about you

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