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One Month Later ? need everyone to answer please (Political)
Posted 10 months ago by

What do you think about Primera, Esim, Admin after 1 month ?
80.86 % Nothing changed at all, Primera is still bugged as fuck, Admin still dont give a Fuck
13.04 % Admin made some changes for Staff, for Bugs, things are better but still need some work
3.47 % Admin and Staff tried things but its still bugged, no change about temp servers, Primera stay same
2.60 % Everything is perfect now.
Total votes: 115

Dear readers, dear Esim Players.

Remember: 1 month ago, i published an Ultimatum for Admin

During this last month, i played 2 clics and did not see if things are better than 1month ago.
So, now, i will ask you what you think about Esim, and primera.

Thank you for your answers. Please answer this poll, and comment bellow to tell us what you think about Primera.

Please, if i have to leave the game , i want to reach the 200 subs before
so, please SUBSCRIIIIIBE !!


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Comments (17)
28-07-2018 11:46:21
(10 months ago)

Cianora we dont want new tournaments , we want new players and to keep the old ones who are leaving the game day by day players are becoming less and less and want the admin does ? He adds new tournaments, while there are thousand of bugs. Of course the fault is not yours, but you are the people who are nearest to developers and admins. And I thought you agree with us .., if you dont agree and support us , who should .. ?

28-07-2018 9:22:04
(10 months ago)

need one more

28-07-2018 7:52:59
(10 months ago)

I can't see changes on support chanel, i was banned from it because i was speaking about these problems. maybe (wrong citizen name!) can tell me who did it ?

if you are working on something but its harder than expecter, TELL IT ! and maybe someone of the community will be able to help you .
I proposed many times my help for dev team or staff team, 0 answer.

So now, BB and Translation department stop comment this kind of article and do your job

28-07-2018 0:54:54
(10 months ago)

You need to understand that Primera was in a transition period guys.
Many changes occurred over the past month, in the Staff team included. Since Cianora took over, you can see activity within the team rising with every day. We care about your in-game experience and we do our best to keep you satisfied for what comes to us : )
And of course, appreciation of one's work motivates one to work even harder : )
As for bugs and other inconveniences - be sure that none of us are happy with those. But you need to understand that like in any other game, such things happen and will always happen. Administration's always trying to solve those fast and efficient, but as you can probably imagine, it's not always possible.
So, additional to what was said before my comment: let's respect each other. We respect all of you as players, respect us as volunteers, who do their best to contribute for a nice gaming experience here, in e-Sim : )

27-07-2018 22:31:09
(10 months ago)

E-sim is not the biggest game on the market and you guys know it. So sometimes there are some bugs. But everything that is wrong or doesnt work as it should be I mention to admin and normaly he solve it as quick as possible.

As you know I try to spend as much time as possible to help you guys as much as possible.

I am almost 24/7 on discord and try to answer all your questions as soon as possible and try to keep you guys playing.

Also now admin is busy with a new tournament to let you guys have more fun playing. Yes not everything runs perfect as it should be but they are busy fixing and try to add new elements to the game.

So lets try to have some fun together and if there is something wrong dont be afraid to talk to me on discord or to anybody to the staff team.

We are not only here to punish players but also to help you out!

Best regards,


27-07-2018 19:42:09
(10 months ago)

Q6 Pants
* Reduce miss chance by 8.62%
* Reduce miss chance by 8.52%
Bid now High End EQ

27-07-2018 7:32:25
(10 months ago)


27-07-2018 1:33:36
(10 months ago)

Speaking for the new tournament did anyone learn what will be the reward if you are 1st 2nd 3rd etc in ranking?

26-07-2018 22:36:54
(10 months ago)

selling iron 0.0105
i don't give discounts

26-07-2018 22:16:47
(10 months ago)

for example double cw, mu cup bug. they still didnt fix the train bug. and lets wait for this new tournament

26-07-2018 22:12:16
(10 months ago)

PandaLT - thinks thats the best possible answer for this article...

26-07-2018 19:42:29
(10 months ago)

Maybe I'm used to see those bugs and I don't even see them. So could you guys not only write "bugs", but also write what kind of bugs you see that does not allow you to play as you would like to?

Because I had one major problem - that was server lags. That's fixed. So, what's stopping you to play?


26-07-2018 18:56:15
(10 months ago)

bug everywhere!


26-07-2018 15:24:52
(10 months ago)

Arkadyia As much as I want to comment again but I will not. Better keep my mouth shut. Might offend someone again hahaha

26-07-2018 13:52:33
(10 months ago)

even more bug

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