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Thank you :) (Political)
Posted 11 months ago by

Thank you For Helping France these few days, Nothing more to say.

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Comments (17)
01-07-2018 23:48:19
(11 months ago)


01-07-2018 16:21:29
(11 months ago)


01-07-2018 14:33:27
(11 months ago)

Hahaha actually it's not drama Shivanshu its how people cant take any humor and it just show how unintelligent they are

Dude keep your citizenship as if i care

Have so much respect to the one who pass the law revoking me but the one whining here yeah i guess a little but in his stupidness definitely NO and that means you Jair Messias Betancourt

01-07-2018 12:51:21
(11 months ago)

Hail Kamikazeeeeeeeeew

01-07-2018 12:28:08
(11 months ago)

Ah, family drama, classic.

01-07-2018 5:22:23
(11 months ago)

Now im being revoke because of this. Lol are you really that stupid?

30-06-2018 19:50:10
(11 months ago)

Dude Jair Messias Betancourt stop hahaha your just making it worst

30-06-2018 19:45:51
(11 months ago)

Don't you see that titani is top 1 in server of dmg since a lot of time?

That's not a coincidence, now we stock. that's all.

30-06-2018 19:29:40
(11 months ago)

Jair Messias Betancourt +1

humor me

http://primera.e-sim.org/battleStatistics.html?id=54428 all damage was mine made my day thank you hahaha

30-06-2018 19:18:54
(11 months ago)

ambane You know that your comments are public right? And that i can read them

Titani is totally strong, that was shown in last world war, and u were not there fighting. Now we are just stocking

I never paid u to wipe France, and Dams thanks me for the help we gave him in the past, in war against spain, etc.

So I hope to don't see you again saying bull**** bcs i can revoke your ass out of italy.


30-06-2018 17:45:54
(11 months ago)

Looking for: Q4 lucky miss/avoid;

30-06-2018 15:59:05
(11 months ago)

King Carol because avengers was the most important one

30-06-2018 15:42:52
(11 months ago)

Avengers x2

30-06-2018 13:43:06
(11 months ago)

BW weak!

30-06-2018 12:41:27
(11 months ago)

this game sucks

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