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Posted 10 months ago by

what the hell is this tournament ?

First, check what you write because i dont understand the rules...


ok ahahah


wtf ? is it a MU tournament?? can someone explain ?


aaaaand... i think all this was done by a child who did not check his work before publish... REALLLLLYYY MAKE AN EFFORT

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Comments (17)
30-07-2018 7:36:24
(10 months ago)

En français c'est mieux, traître

29-07-2018 17:53:55
(10 months ago)

Before you introductory anything: Fix the f***ing server!

29-07-2018 17:44:21
(10 months ago)

Start of the end of e-sim!Ok you have gold now but in feature you will buy Q4 item for 2k gold.Admin please revoke this stupid tournament!!!

29-07-2018 15:21:33
(10 months ago)

I couldnt either choose the opponents for my country.

29-07-2018 11:53:19
(10 months ago)

Eldkraft gold is always a think especially for people like me who dont have enough of it

29-07-2018 10:56:00
(10 months ago)

we need our prize

29-07-2018 10:17:01
(10 months ago)

800 free golds, thanks Admin...

28-07-2018 23:05:23
(10 months ago)

I made so much Gold it's not even funny. By the way, gold is worthless now. Alongside with damage, BH and XP.

End of announcement

28-07-2018 21:54:43
(10 months ago)

Guys don't act like you didnt expect bugs .. All of us knew that this will be the next buggy tournament

28-07-2018 21:53:06
(10 months ago)

Guys don't act like you didnt expect bugs .. All of us knew that this will be the next buggy tournament

28-07-2018 21:29:55
(10 months ago)

And by the way I can't choose the opponents for my country. And it seems that others have the same problem too.

yes it doesn´t work........

28-07-2018 19:49:50
(10 months ago)

This is even better programmed... You can scroll the hint untill the bottom of the page.

28-07-2018 16:36:52
(10 months ago)

I realized that the good part of the new tournament scheme is that we don't need to wait for all pairs finished one round to start the next.

Looking forward for a "full mesh" tournament

28-07-2018 16:23:51
(10 months ago)

lets go for 16 battles !

28-07-2018 15:28:06
(10 months ago)

Round 1. 2 battles.
Round 2. 4 battles.
Round 3: will be 6 or 16?

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