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ULTIMATUM_Repost (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Your article was deleted by BB and Translation department , reason: blackmailing admin and money fraud

So i need to repost it.
I have to delete a part because Admin dont like when we talk about money... if you want the entire version, pm me.

___Dear Admin, Dear staff members, dear players.

___ I started E-sim about 5 years ago.
At that time, the only 2 servers were Primera and Secura. I do not remember when Suna arrived.
Each server had thousands of players. 20,000, 30,000? I do not remember exactly.

___ Today, many things have changed. Let's list them.

__First, The GoldBuy.
-It was a long time ago. This feature has in my opinion destroyed a big part of the competitiveness of this game.
Indeed, cooperation, sharing, strategy had a meaning before. Now, a single player with Euros can surpass a whole country without money. #PayToWin

__Secondly, the temporary servers.
-Let's talk about these servers. At first the idea seemed innovative, create an account on a server that will close in 6 months, the right time to do everything we could not on the main server. Good battles, good management of MUs, alliances etc. and a little gold and premium to transfer on Primera ... Yes, it was the case in the beginning, on Europa, and maybe even America ... But after 2, 3 temporary servers, everything is already done.
300 players join forces to form a country OP, half of the other countries allies with him, and the other half tries to beat him.
But as this big country has already won 3/4 of the world with its allies, 3/4 of the countries have not even had time to develop. In short, it is more interesting to play.
-The very principle of transferring money and equipment is problematic. The vast majority of players play these temporary servers only for this purpose. Stack the golds, equipment and bring back money on primera. This obviously leads to an even greater imbalance on the main servers.
A player who does not play on temporary servers will accumulate an extremely important delay. And the more players transfer, the more the delay grows.
And I have not yet talked about the "fast" servers that will totally break the game once the transfer makes ... a complete nonsense.

__Repetitive bugs.
_You have surely noticed for more than 2 months, that the Primera server has big difficulties:
Several hours down, sometimes server down for 1day.
Repeat lags at any time of the day.
Lags and rollback during ALL tournaments type tournament, cup, league ... bugged rounds and sometimes 6 hours for 1 single round with rollbacks.

___Now let's come to conclusions.

_All this, I already spoke about it to Railman, alias Admin.
Problems with bugs, lags, temporary servers that ruin the game ...
His only answer: "If the players continue to play, it's because they like it"

Admin, Now we'll have to listen to what the players have to say ...

At a time when other games are emerging, like eDomination which already has a big 40'000 players, or Dominacy who gets a big part of the players Esim discontented and opens the 1st of July ...
This is the worst time for E-sim to dont not take care of his players.

That's why, I announce:

I let you 1 month.
1 month for:
-Launch a campaign of discussions with the players to see what's wrong.
-Stop the temporary servers, or at least make impossible the transfer (except account of new players can be).
-Regulate primera bugs issues.
-Find a way to return old players gone by your fault.

Beyond this month, I will also leave this game andI call all the players tired of these problems to do the same.
If E-sim has to die, then it will die. It's up to you Admin to save it.

see ya in a month.

ps: feel free to copy this article and post it on your wallpaper. (or just post your's)

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+1 Arkadyia

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dam right

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Exactement ce que je pense aussi


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Looking for: Q4 lucky miss/avoid;

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I just became alive to get out my grave and say "+1". Now im dead again.

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TIme for one month without e-sim

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