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Non-Aggression Pact(NAP) between United Kingdom and France (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Dear citizens of UK

After conversations with the French CP, UK government has decided to put an end to this war and sign a new NAP (Non Agression Pact) with our neighbors in these following terms:

The conditions of the NAP are as follows:
1. The UK will regain full control of their cores from the French.
2. The UK will not set battle orders on any French battle.
3. The UK national MU's will not hit against France. UK will co-ordinate its citizens not to hit against France.
4. France national MU's will not hit against the United Kingdom. France will co-ordinate its citizens not to hit against UK.
5. Both sides agree not to open any RW's against those involved in the NAP. Effective from signing of this NAP.
6. If one citizen from any of both sides opens a RW, the side which opened the RW will take responsibility and ensure a victory for the battle for the country where the RW was opened.
7. The French will not set battle orders on any UK battle.
8. The agreement is valid for 30 Days with the possibility of extending.
9. The agreement will start when CP of each country signs it. President Pandox of the United Kingdom and President Arkadyia of France must sign this article for the agreement to be enforceable.
10. In case of broken NAP, country which broke the NAP will be liable to pay 1000 gold fine to the other countries national Org.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Comments (4)
20-04-2018 0:12:41
(1 year ago)

*chicken sound*

18-04-2018 22:17:29
(1 year ago)


sensationCorona President of e-sim.

18-04-2018 0:13:50
(1 year ago)


Pandox President of the United Kingdom.

18-04-2018 0:08:14
(1 year ago)


Dams_ , CP of FRANCE

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