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Project X (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Fellow citizens of United Kingdom,

Thank you for your support once again!

As I already said in my candidature, this term will be focused on getting more people into UK and rising activity level.

So, who will help me with this Project? I need you to help me to get more citizens into United Kingdom. We really need more citizens, we really do. Like, badly.

There is no country without citizens, remember that.

I will try to bring as much players as I can, and I want you to do the same! We must bring this place to life, we must get some new and fresh players in here!

So please, support me in this, I would really appreciate it.

Let's get to work!!

Hail United Snoopdom \o/

Love ya,
your S-D<3

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Comments (4)
06-05-2017 16:51:56
(2 years ago)

First you might want to bring this server to life then bring your country to life ;/

06-05-2017 15:56:23
(2 years ago)


06-05-2017 12:34:54
(2 years ago)

They wanna increase the pop, so maybe its x of xxx ?

06-05-2017 8:12:39
(2 years ago)

As in "project X" which means 10 in romanian or X as unknown? Maybe you already running out of letters? So next is "Y"?

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