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New Horizon (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Hello everyone;
1. As I take the UK's wheel, I'd like to announce that the United Kingdom is open to any PEACE offer. We'd like to build a financial country and a good trader around the globe.
2. We're not gonna spend more gold on battles but if we have to then we will. We will protect our allies and they will protect us.
3. Our markets are warmly open to any type of investor. Low taxes on products and special govermential bonus for REAL investors are waiting for you.
4. We will not leave the current coalition except something unexpected happens.
5. We'd like to take our regions back and sign NAP with the enemies.

I hope everyone will be pleased with the circumstance that I am going to make.
- Peace (CP of UK, Alpay )

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