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[CG] The BoB Commune And You (Military)
Posted 1 year ago by
Sir Hypnotoad    

I know what you're thinking, 2 articles this close together? Something must be going on!

You'd be right. One can only hope that what is going on is the long-awaited American rebirth of activity.

But, now to get to business. I am the commanding officer of America's first elite military unit, Band of Brothers . Perhaps you've heard of us, perhaps not. Regardless, the Band of Brothers runs a commune system that we're looking to expand.

We are looking for two new commune members (and potentially more in the future, communes can be a pesky thing to balance if you add too many people too fast). Our requirements are as follows:

*Be willing to work in our commune system (duh)
*Log in and work daily
*Be able to communicate in English
*Be an American citizen
*Have a minimum economic skill of 10 (If your ES is lower than that, you can still join BoB, you just can't be in the commune yet)

In return for these things, we offer 15 Q5 food and 75 Q1 weapons daily for every day worked, with additional supplies given at BoB's discretion for important battles.

This supply pack has a current market value of $137.7 (5.508 gold). To put that in perspective, you'd have to be at ES 20 (at current salary offers on the US job market) to make enough after taxes to afford to buy all that off the market!

If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, feel free to put in a request here to join the Band of Brothers. As I said before, we only have two slots open at the moment, and these will go to the first two applicants who meet the requirements listed above. If you're too late applying and don't get in, we will consider you first next time there is an opening.

And now, for the traditional bonus for making it to the end:

<3 Jonathan Groff

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