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President Report (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Good day my fellow citizens!

As you all know, this is my 2nd term as United Kingdom CP. What have we done so far?

- We made a great coalition with several great countries, New World Disorder .
Shepherd Of Fire is a SC and I am vSC. We are doing great for now.

- We made an alliance military unit and it's great on the battlefield.

- We liberated our beautiful country from Island and Spain occupation. That was a real struggle but we made it.

- We conquered Ireland high region and capital. Well, that was not our plan but if we can, why not?

So, we've made a great progress. That's why I want your support for my 3rd term as your President. I think we made a lot and we can make even more.

I am sorry that my vCP CastoriousBG can't be so active around here because he is a great player, great friend and a great help

Anyway, I invite you all to come to our Discord channel so we can be even greater!

Lots of love, your President

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Comments (4)
23-04-2017 19:11:42
(2 years ago)

No boobs - no like

22-04-2017 1:28:19
(2 years ago)

We don't need those regions

22-04-2017 1:26:17
(2 years ago)

Great! Why not try to kick Bulgaria and Iceland out of Ireland? There's no many battles so this might be a good opportunity to use damage.

21-04-2017 6:19:35
(2 years ago)


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