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Crista Finance Network


Chairman (CEO)
United Kingdom
Total Shares:1000
Estimated value:
452.17 Gold (Details | Refresh)
Estimated value per share:
0.45 Gold
Daily shares trade value:
0.00 Gold
Total shareholders:2
Total companies:0

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Company statute

The Crista Financial Network (CriFN) is the financial branch of the United Kingdom (UK) based Corporate Group, Crista Corporation owned by iGheevar (Chairman & CEO). The finance network will be dealing with the monetary market and trading of companies.

On every sunday, 75% of the profit will be paid to the share holders as dividend. Rest of the profit will be used as capital for the operation of the network. An average profit of around 100 gold is made every week. It is to be noted that no new shares will be issued. 20% of the shares of the network will be sold to public.

The four network branches of the Crista Corporation are :
Crista Defence Network (CriDN)
Crista Retail Network (CriRN)
Crista Service Network (CriSN)
Crista Finance Network (CriFN)

For regular updates, visit our official media partner, The Crista Post or check the company shouts below.

Stock price:


Type Status Time
Propose CEO Accepted 1 year ago
Sack CEO Accepted 1 year ago
Pay dividend Accepted 1 year ago
Pay dividend Accepted 1 year ago
Pay dividend Accepted 1 year ago

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Citizen Role
Neo1337 Supply manager
Neo1337 Company manager
Neo1337 CEO
iGheevar Company manager
iGheevar Supply manager
iGheevar Accountant
Neo1337 Accountant


Company Type Location
No companies


Due to instability and sudden fluctuation of Romanian, Greece and Portugal Currencies and the sudden devaluation of French Currency by the govt, the company incurred some losses in the last few days.
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

Profit upto eighth week : 553.94 Gold
Ninth week profit : 110.44 Gold
Tenth week profit : 151.99 Gold
Eleventh week profit : 51.48 Gold
Current week loss : 9.41 Gold (till Day 2282)
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

Day : 2274 - 2281 (Week : 011)
Value : 961.43 Gold (2281)
Investment : 31.3 Gold
Profit : 51.48 Gold
Dividend : 40 Gold
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

The company is has decided to stay away certain monetary markets for the next few day due to technical difficulties.
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

20 Gold will be donated back to the company by the CEO, when an investor purchases a share for 26.5 gold from the CEO. No new shares will be issued.
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

Day : 2268 - 2273 (Week : 010)
Value : 985.95 Gold (2273)
Investment : 25 Gold
Share Splitting Charges : 25 Gold
Profit : 151.99 Gold
Dividend : 110 Gold
iGheevar (Staff member) posted 1 year ago

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