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Japan News

japan Recovered his lands

The rising sun is again in the map.

We start to make some changes to our military units

and our economy. as all must know japan joined

Freedom Fighters Coalition. and we say thanks to our allies

who support japan fully independence.

Official Discord of Japan Community in all servers

atte President of Japan Tomoe Gozen .
Japan Org posted 1 year ago

Japan Org posted 2 years ago

Another attempt of take over has failed due to fast actions taken by Japan players and staff. Japan stands proudly.
Japan Org posted 3 years ago

Orgs are now up and running
Japan Org posted 4 years ago

Well, this org as finally come back to life after being inactive for so long.
Japan Org posted 4 years ago

"blablabla Moriya Jinja blablabla #DontJoinItsATrap " - Tigerance
Japan Org posted 4 years ago

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