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japan - news Day (2500) (Political)
Posted 7 months ago by
Tomoe Gozen    

Welcome to this article this are the news for japan.

who dont knows me i am the president of japan secura "LutzSchwerin" who is a free and independent nation with me as leader
(i am japanese in RL) i come to primera to do the same because my objective is free japan in all permanent servers.

this will take time but japan will be free and independent

now i will show what we have in japan.

our territory.

as i see taiwan take many of our cores and we have the capital free and other territory.
we will start our diplomacy to get free all our nation.

Central america

we have a colony in central america and as i know we have more but we lost territory from mexico.

we are at war with mexico and taiwan.

we dont have mpp


as i see the old leader made a coallition who none of their leaders come to talk we will see in this days what are this coallition if dont we leave.

japan is open to have new allies alliances and friends. we will have alot of changes and soon people from secura will come here to work and revive this great empire like i did in secura.

Comments (14)
13-07-2018 9:44:01
(7 months ago)

szenko1 to buy me a notebook? <3
No worries, yesterday was the payday

11-07-2018 20:59:04
(7 months ago)

Hail Anime!

Hail Japan!

11-07-2018 18:52:38
(7 months ago)

Damon Mortis we are gonna make a fundraising if its the only problem

10-07-2018 20:08:12
(7 months ago)


10-07-2018 19:53:00
(7 months ago)

Hocci actualy i'm without any pc T_T when i'll find a cheap notebook you'll start to see alot of ban signed DM

10-07-2018 16:23:07
(7 months ago)

It's so great what you're trying to do. Good article, v+s.

10-07-2018 15:34:39
(7 months ago)

If u gonna fight China, Sweden will be your friend

10-07-2018 15:16:47
(7 months ago)

Long life for Otaku o7

10-07-2018 15:02:16
(7 months ago)

Chaina pto with admins approval everywhere

Ps. : noob damon afraid loosing his pto<3

10-07-2018 14:02:36
(7 months ago)

nice to see living players

10-07-2018 12:30:25
(7 months ago)

Nice... go Japan.

10-07-2018 12:17:45
(7 months ago)

cool can i join?

10-07-2018 12:08:46
(7 months ago)

Nippon banzai !!!

10-07-2018 8:44:25
(7 months ago)

Can i ask where are you living? (:

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