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So nearing the end of my term its been nice coming back to my country, made new friends and I hopefully revived your will in fighting again (please dont go back to isolationism), all I can say is make new allies with other smaller countries for a start and be active.

Btw I returned all the stuff I borrowed from org goodluck, im gonna go fight somwhere else o7.
Philippines Org posted 3 months ago

So guys we made new friends and they are the Indonesians and if anybody want to start becoming active join the mu marraneitors: https://primera.e-sim.org/militaryUnit.html?id=255
Philippines Org posted 4 months ago

Philippine government is back online
Philippines Org posted 4 months ago

This country placed in TOP 10 in a Country Tournament #6 and received 250.0 Gold for it's efforts.

Philippines Org posted 7 months ago

Saranghae PH
Philippines Org posted 7 months ago

Philippines Org is back
Philippines Org posted 2 years ago

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