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[EDIT] GUERRILLA won't be destroyed (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Ok, so quick edit! We have MU back! We ALL would like to say Thank you to everyone from e-Sim who show us support because we received it from all over the world and we really aprreciate that. Thanks again to IpsiArt who take over this case and helped us that today we can be BACK.

So one quick note: ALL our members who didn't came back to MU yet, please send applications to join, and also our recrutment for our second MU - Guerrilla 2 is OPEN so for any info please join our official channel #elite#

Thanks again to everyone!

Hello players of e-Sim!

As some of you maybe know yesterday Guerrilla (bigest multinational MU in e-Sim) was destroyed in less than one hour - probaly we beat the record.

So many of you asked how that happend so in few lines I will tell you: So we have around 15 officers who managing MU because lieder is inactive, so yesterday we had a meeting about price for our DMG, promoting new officers, demoting some inactive officers where we reminded GospodinX that if he won't become active again he will have to pass the liedership as we agreed about 1 year ago when Febo left a game and gave account to Blackadder. After little arguing we left meeting channel and GospodinX banned him from MU channel, then he kicked everyone out.

So at this point I would like to say Thank you to iPSiArt whos hand are pretty much tied in this cases, but we can't forget that GospodinX didn't invest anything to MU so almost all companies belongs to Blackadder (Febo) the creator of MU - so currently he had to accept MU members back, but he refused already some of us.

So bigest problem wasn't that he wouldn't be lider anymore but that he think that MU belongs to HIM and it's his only (by the rules that's true, but in reallity it's not).

So I have to say some more "Thank You" words so a lot of MU leaders who came to us and offer us free spaces in their MUs untill we don't clear that, so temporary house and to many CPs and other citizens, old members and friends who came to channel to spam with questions.

That would be all for this article, I hope Admins will this time do something about that because such things are not only our problem but it happends in few other MUs too, just that we are cloudiest case because we're 5th best MU according to statistics.

So if you AGREE that if 90% or more of MU members agree that MU leader need to be changed or that such things shouldn't be allowed to happen then please write that in comments under the article. I also ask Admins to check the case and help us figure out something after all that's not good for game, not for allies, not for enemies, not for fair play and in some cases Admins could work above the rules in favor of the game.

Kind regards,

P.S.: Guerrilla won't be destroyed because of one egoistic man, so expect us in battlefield soon, so currently we're working in "clouds" < and sorry for English mistaken in article.

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24-04-2013 14:56:59
(6 years ago)


24-04-2013 14:04:57
(6 years ago)


Guerilla is a private MU. There's no job for an GOA. This became just an amateur game, and it's not pity to see it decaying. If an GOA has to choose the leader of one kinda popular PRIVATE MU, then the game touched the bottom. It should've been National MU = job for staff, Private MUs - no staff influence, but well, the game is in decay phase, so who the hell cares.

24-04-2013 14:02:33
(6 years ago)

Welcome back

24-04-2013 13:16:02
(6 years ago)

welcome back !

24-04-2013 7:55:26
(6 years ago)

Dima: Or save it.

23-04-2013 22:24:21
(6 years ago)

Ipsiart gets into things that aren't his business. That may ruin the game. So sad.

23-04-2013 17:08:24
(6 years ago)

That sux man. Glad everything's fine now.

23-04-2013 15:52:18
(6 years ago)


23-04-2013 15:45:35
(6 years ago)


23-04-2013 14:52:53
(6 years ago)


23-04-2013 14:30:14
(6 years ago)

Keep on going guys. Dont allow one man to destroy a work of many!!

Good Luck to you guys form Guerilla!

Hail Guerilla!!
Hail The Gladiators!

Leader of The Gladiators.

P.S.: We have some free space, for FREE.

23-04-2013 14:29:23
(6 years ago)

23-04-2013 13:38:33
(6 years ago)


23-04-2013 13:20:30
(6 years ago)

Can private MU's be bought?

23-04-2013 12:51:13
(6 years ago)

Hail Godzilla! o7

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