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[EDIT] Operation: Poland you can't have them all! (Old article)
Posted 6 years ago by

Here you can read extented and detailed story by Conqueror1235 (one of main players in this operation): http://primera.e-sim.org/article.html?id=56155

Hello, dear people of e-Sim!
Wel a lot of you probaly noticed that last days Czech Republic was VERY active country. But do you want to know real story about what were happening last 3 days?

If not then just vote article and close the tab, but if you would like to know what was all about then read whole article.

Problem started in Guerrilla 5 days ago. None country didn't hire us for 2 days allready, so we didn't set any real orders and our members were not really happy because of this.

So Blackadder said: What if we do little mess around here? and we said: Yep, why not? then he proposed attack to Poland and those who were at meeting were few moments like: aaa, you kidding right? but after that we all agreed to start little operation to test how Poland will react. So we started little operation: Guerrilla ATTACKING Poland. and well we succeded and liberate 1 region from Czech! So we get together aroung 7 anti G7 millitary units and started big operation: Poland you can't have them all!

After that we started quich attack to Poland and a LOT of RWs (first after month or two we had 3 pages of battles!) and in two days we succeded to have 2 regions and 24 hours for attack to Silesia (high region of Poland)

After a lot of talk on IRC we attacked next day and we had a LOT of FUN in this battle. I didn't saw that activity on channel for months only problem was because everyone (not just members but everyone find out channel) wanted supplies so Guerrilla and many others lost a lot of gold in this operation because countries didn't really sponsored us, so now we will have to go to operation: Get money back

Poland still have a lot of active citizens and even great spirit, great organization hardly compete with a lot of more citizens and mainly: a lot of GOLD.

Here is cartoon done by me - well I'm not really good at this but little think for fun: (click for bigger image!)

ah btw. Poland you were good enemy and you finaly lost some regions which originaly don't belongs to you, but you're strong so you will get them back once. And don't forget this operation is finished but spirit of liberation of regions under Poland is not over yet so prepare your guns for some more battles.

end my view of this: Long term organized operations are useless because we done that in few hours and we done a lot so if we would preparing for 1 week then we would surly won that battle.

and don't forget that this is only short version of whole story.

Thanks to:
- every single MU which helped in this operation
- every single player who fighted in this battle
- countries which helped us to make more game interesting again for few days
- Poland and their allies who show us that we can make good fight and learned us few mistakes we done
- if I forgot anything then that's to him/her/them too!

So I would like to do little advertisment here. Guerrilla still have 5 more places in MU for new members, for more info you can contact Us and we will answer you as soon as possibile.

And for CPs and MoDs: Guerrilla have free orders a lot of days so you're free to contact one of us and we make a deal. We most of times just want weps to fight with - so we're 7th best MU in world and we're quite cheap. But don't forget! We don't fight for G7 countries. Our MU is build on honour from Febo to Ragana and till now and we wish to keep it.

Kind regards,
Sir Junior Matevzs1

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11-01-2013 15:37:22
(6 years ago)


08-01-2013 19:01:27
(6 years ago)


08-01-2013 14:12:52
(6 years ago)

Hail Everyone :3

07-01-2013 21:28:33
(6 years ago)


07-01-2013 20:04:54
(6 years ago)

comaszpeva: Amm not personaly

07-01-2013 19:01:43
(6 years ago)

Thx Mate

07-01-2013 18:01:34
(6 years ago)

did you know black Torres?

07-01-2013 17:35:37
(6 years ago)

Poland you can't
First mistake. I don't read this

07-01-2013 15:36:50
(6 years ago)

Kghan: I thinked you're smarter. Alliances changed 5 times till now I think and every country was some time in alliance which had more power, so you can't saw something like that and don't say to me that when Poland had some battles and blabla there were millions of articles too. So don't come out which such comments.

07-01-2013 14:36:28
(6 years ago)

kghan chodź obszczymy im klaty

07-01-2013 14:03:46
(6 years ago)


ofc i will do it, cos you won 1 from 965465646 battles and you made 870375379 arts about it.

07-01-2013 13:42:13
(6 years ago)



07-01-2013 12:42:32
(6 years ago)


07-01-2013 11:32:02
(6 years ago)

Poland alone destoryed whole anti-G7 union. But we showed just 2/3 of our power. 370mln dmg for fun. We are much better than you, deal with it.

Ill think 1/5, because this DMG deal only few players from our head MUs

07-01-2013 7:23:20
(6 years ago)

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