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You're leaving but you want info if something will change? (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by

Heh, second article TODAY! Last was deleted because of too much critic so I got another idea Are you big player, old player, well known player, ext staff member, orinary player, normal player, basic player, MU leader......???

AND YOU'RE LEAVING GAME? (because you don't like it anymore?)
Then let's help me and fill the form beyond! I'm making a list of all players who leaving and if something will go to better then I will send them mail! I will be the only one with access to informations so if you trust me then you're detailds are safe.

Well I doubt it will go to better but HOPE never die!

Form is HERE (click here!)

Kind regards,
Sir Junior Matevzs1

P.S.: Why I wrote this article? Because I saw many GOOD guys (Azartiskas (well not that good guy but anyway ), Ranflax, Febo, Ragana, ...) who leaving game because of one reason and I won't mention it because my article can get deleted as previous one.

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