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Some ideas for e-sim (Old article)
Posted 8 years ago by

Stock Market

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I don't think I must say much about this after my other article. We have an economy, we have companies... we should have a stock market too so citizens and companies can buy and/or sell shares. Also this way we can be able to see for real which companies are the best and we will have some real corporations.

Mini Games

So, just imagine for example, there is an option "E-Sim Casino". You can play casino games with other players from e-sim... just so... or using gold too. This way you will be able to do something with your gold and will be fun too. No war ? Let's play Blackjack for gold!

Also an "E-Sim Lottery" option. Yes, I know there are lots of "lotteries" and contests made by players but their succes is not that big. I'm talking about a global lottery where everyone from E-Sim can play and anyone can win. Also everyone will be sure that this lottery won't cheat. And the prize can be huge...

Also there can be a top of players who won most gold in Casino, and every month, the best 10 (for exemple) can get a new type of medal: "Casino Master" ... or something.

[b]I will come with more ideas... We need your support so this article can reach all e-sim players.

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