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We want Stock Market in e-sim (Old article)
Posted 8 years ago by

Hello guys

Firstly i would like to say that it would be great if we could buy and sell shares from a company through a new market menu called STOCK MARKET and become share holders...

1-This would make us more addicted to game and help us earn more money

2- This would also attract players like me who is interested in business and economics...

3- It would be great if group of people (2 to 5) could sign a contract and create a company all together. The creators could sell their shares on the stock market and 5 people with most shares could select a CEO to control the company

These are my personal ideas so feel free to write your own ideas in the comments part. I will try to update the article with your statements....

btw: I would appreciate if you vote and sub to make this article international and make more people hear our ideas

Admin : it is a nice idea, but we cannot implement it right now...



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