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[MoHA] Competition: Seal Of Approval! (Old article)
Posted 7 years ago by
United Kingdom Org    

Hello, e-UKers!

Today the Ministry of Home Affairs is happy to announce a new contest for you to enjoy!

Our King has become restless over all the bad press he has received of late. In order to prevent the brutal rightful execution of another 20 of you peasants, I have been tasked with setting up a contest in order to improve public relations with our blasted beloved monarchy.

The idea is the person who writes the best/most persuasive/informative/funniest article in support of the monarchy, including King CBall and Queen Smack , as judged by our King and Queen wins. To enter you just need to publish your article in game and either message hungry_eyes with a link to your article, or post your link in response to the following thread on the e-UK forums: http://e-uk.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=429&p=4373#p4373

The prizes are currently as follows:

1st Place: 50 Q5 Gifts
2nd Place: 30 Q5 Gifts
3rd Place: 20 Q5 Gifts

Get writing/Drawing/Colouring!

Entries close on Saturday 11th February, judging will then commence. Winner will be announced Sunday 12th or Monday 13th, with prizes sent out after that.

Prizes courtesy of Ranflax and Bonkers - Thank him lots and lots

Good luck!
~ hungry_eyes
Minister of Home Affairs

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