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[MoHA] UK Demographics (Old article)
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United Kingdom Org    

Hey There!

Currently we don’t have any published data regarding the active population in the UK. One of my aims as MoHA is to have records of this to help gauge the demographics of our country.

Our economy page says we have a total of 206 citizens alive and kicking the the UK today, however after trawling through each citizen myself I can see that this is not the case, as I will explain below. Look away now if you don’t like boring numbers.


Total citizens registered in UK = 1022
Total citizens not active* in UK = 608
Total citizens active = 414

A total of 414 is a lot larger than the 206 quoted on the economy page. However when broken down into individual levels, it seems to only count those from level 6 onwards. I’m not sure if this is the case, but based on my figures it rings true.

*Not active being either banned or regarded as inactive by the game

These figures can then be broken down into individual levels and we can see what proportion of each level are dead or alive. (See below for data).

The UK has 149 citizens currently alive at levels 1 or 2, meaning players new to the game in their first couple of days. This is extremely high given that we have had only 5 new citizens today and indicates that a large proportion of these are inactive but not yet reached the threshold to be considered inactive by the game.

Retention levels seem to increase with higher levels, an expected observation as players who are interested will continue to play and level up. Level 7 is the earliest level for a majority of players to still be active. One indicator may be that the experience needed from 6 to 7 is the biggest gap a player would have come across, potentially leading to players losing interest before all features are unlocked to them. Coincidentally this is also the point when players earn gold and can also vote.


Level 7 seems to be key to player retention with the game. Odds are that once a citizen hits this point they are more likely to continue to play. If we are to succeed as a strong nation with a higher user base we need to implement strategies to encourage new players to stick with us until level 7!

If you have any questions about this article, or want further info on the figures then get in touch, I’d be more than happy to discuss anything.

Thanks for reading,


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