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Top golden players (Statistics)
Posted 4 months ago by

#CitizenCitizenshipPremium daysExpired
1 Oonoki Puerto Rico104272047-10-17
2 ExSPer China38982029-12-01
3 Cimbalar Hungary27892026-11-18
4 kene Serbia22272025-05-05
5 fr3_undercover Romania20362024-10-26
6 Andros Belgium19992024-09-19
7 PandaLT Bangladesh19772024-08-28
8 loako Jamaica19112024-06-23
9 conanh Israel18512024-04-24
10 Murazzano Paraguay17802024-02-13
11 Paul Morphy Chile16592023-10-15
12 jirkalor Canada15132023-05-22
13 lippy Slovenia15092023-05-18
14 C i i a Mexico14912023-04-30
15 GGGGGGGG Italy14652023-04-04
16 zZenom007 Australia14552023-03-25
17 ategraminjs Latvia14472023-03-17
18 eMPeror of SLOVAKIA Panama14022023-01-31
19 Call me daddy Greece13362022-11-26
20 57938643 China13072022-10-28
21 daenyboi Sweden12892022-10-10
22 EliranS2 Israel12812022-10-02
23 Runnet Ukraine12232022-08-05
24 autist Japan11672022-06-10
25 DrWhite Romania11442022-05-18
26 Mr wygis Lithuania11282022-05-02
27 TheKumanovac Ukraine11192022-04-23
28 Vanko I Costa Rica10992022-04-03
29 dejm Czech Republic10882022-03-23
30 Barjakloo Panama10562022-02-19
31 Lokovsky El Salvador10462022-02-09
32 Bullytt Russia10452022-02-08
33 CzekuCZ Germany10142022-01-08
34 z3nt4l Hungary10042021-12-29
35 zhaoxuyang China10012021-12-26
36 FlaMi Hungary9952021-12-20
37 Sinner16 Moldova9802021-12-05
38 sve Delije od Srbije Serbia9762021-12-01
39 The Punisher BG Bulgaria9572021-11-12
40 Bucanero Spain9392021-10-25
41 Helyey Hungary9312021-10-17
42 Eldkraft Norway9172021-10-03
43 Devars Latvia8892021-09-05
44 Vinnie97 Bangladesh8562021-08-03
45 superpaco Spain8482021-07-26
46 zetchan Spain8462021-07-24
47 freno Spain8402021-07-18
48 Nicolai Cuba8372021-07-15
49 Cyrax Spain8222021-06-30
50 dekili Bangladesh8122021-06-20
51 dj_rolf Sweden8062021-06-14
52 ThePolitik Greece8052021-06-13
53 ansisLtd Lithuania7872021-05-26
54 Septim Germany7792021-05-18
55 wellytom12 Nicaragua7782021-05-17
56 Hocci Hungary7482021-04-17
57 Zlobalka Panama7312021-03-31
58 EgoRav Russia7162021-03-16
59 Ingera Russia7162021-03-16
60 Idaho Bulgaria7132021-03-13
61 kavala USA7012021-03-01
62 ElCasiPresi Iceland6692021-01-28
63 Silgrath Spain6692021-01-28
64 mgm22 Estonia6612021-01-20
65 marcusvm Guatemala6512021-01-10
66 Skool Panama6462021-01-05
67 ragu123 Spain6432021-01-02
68 Gkx Russia6152020-12-05
69 Carhartt3000 Lithuania6032020-11-23
70 Euionutt Romania6022020-11-22
71 Talgar Germany5902020-11-10
72 Razer98 Montenegro5892020-11-09
73 Dark Jester Egypt5862020-11-06
74 wuzihao616 China5862020-11-06
75 Arapucaman Brazil5842020-11-04
76 King Carol Thailand5822020-11-02
77 Norka Ukraine5672020-10-18
78 Bartanus Serbia5612020-10-12
79 soundje Latvia5612020-10-12
80 stealani Cyprus5532020-10-04
81 LucasC200 Guatemala5362020-09-17
82 barcity Italy5232020-09-04
83 Uaral Indonesia5212020-09-02
84 MrRius5 Indonesia5122020-08-24
85 Tarabai_1er France5072020-08-19
86 wasowski Argentina5052020-08-17
87 dr mosadeq Iran4992020-08-11
88 Mihawk Greece4952020-08-07
89 Jair Messias Betancourt Italy4922020-08-04
90 Fransharry Serbia4862020-07-29
91 Robija Bangladesh4852020-07-28
92 Fendrick Guatemala4822020-07-25
93 pasiutes Lithuania4802020-07-23
94 RN77 Slovenia4802020-07-23
95 HungarianCrossFighter Hungary4802020-07-23
96 jackburn Serbia4792020-07-22
97 Avram Iancu 1 Romania4782020-07-21
98 CarmenV Romania4782020-07-21
99 Lord Miro Serbia4782020-07-21
100 MrEnigma Greece4692020-07-12
101 henri Ukraine4582020-07-01
102 WarriorGhost Romania4572020-06-30
103 tadej007 Slovenia4552020-06-28
104 Drisan Hungary4542020-06-27
105 xpertiza Romania4442020-06-17
106 rat12345 Serbia4422020-06-15
107 panda47 France4402020-06-13
108 MiuPaS China4382020-06-11
109 hanf444 Germany4342020-06-07
110 War_lord Israel4312020-06-04
111 Guardian from Hell Serbia4302020-06-03
112 Sirius Furker Black Turkey4202020-05-24
113 FSilvestre Portugal4202020-05-24
114 Odin_Allfather New Zealand4162020-05-20
115 Jultomten Sweden4152020-05-19
116 bogiss Austria4102020-05-14
117 thaumas Suriname4062020-05-10
118 a n o n y m Ukraine4052020-05-09
119 sloid Japan4032020-05-07
120 Gorcinac Serbia3862020-04-20
121 Jormugand Colombia3822020-04-16
122 GENERAL MEHMET Netherlands3762020-04-10
123 dagero Bulgaria3722020-04-06
124 Istari Cjine Iceland3622020-03-27
125 gabi93 Romania3572020-03-22
126 S M U G G L A Z Philippines3572020-03-22
127 at_est Estonia3572020-03-22
128 Great Demon Bulgaria3522020-03-17
129 f a h a d Pakistan3512020-03-16
130 Igor87 Ukraine3512020-03-16
131 Quenk Poland3512020-03-16
132 Psychosocial Romania3462020-03-11
133 This Was Hellas Greece3432020-03-08
134 kike18 Mexico3362020-03-01
135 SwedenIsKindaNice Jamaica3352020-02-29
136 Apsik Poland3352020-02-29
137 Lord_Ernie Germany3342020-02-28
138 Mr Wong Germany3282020-02-22
139 minovacac Croatia3252020-02-19
140 FrieroPL El Salvador3212020-02-15
141 srpski_ratnik Bangladesh3182020-02-12
142 0Pago0 Panama3182020-02-12
143 Boubou France3142020-02-08
144 Anonimni zajebant Serbia3112020-02-05
145 Survivors China3112020-02-05
146 Guccifer Israel3102020-02-04
147 Dr Reason Bulgaria2992020-01-24
148 Avram Iancu Romania2982020-01-23
149 The Carnage Italy2952020-01-20
150 cesar51 Indonesia2952020-01-20
151 JLaci91 Hungary2942020-01-19
152 The Last Time Lord Bulgaria2882020-01-13
153 mickefi Sweden2872020-01-12
154 D A V I D Israel2852020-01-10
155 Drachenlord Germany2842020-01-09
156 spyderr Hungary2832020-01-08
157 ImreHarag Panama2752019-12-31
158 artur1231 Poland2602019-12-16
159 Broody Sweden2582019-12-14
160 MUZ Portugal2562019-12-12
161 Beldo USA2452019-12-01
162 Dark Star Venezuela2422019-11-28
163 Guho123 Bangladesh2392019-11-25
164 smecherturk Ukraine2362019-11-22
165 Olaf Falo Pakistan2352019-11-21
166 The Count of Monte Cristo Kosovo2352019-11-21
167 Toru Matsumoto Japan2322019-11-18
168 Th3 Eagle Romania2322019-11-18
169 Zemlja Honduras2302019-11-16
170 COLORR Argentina2262019-11-12

#Countryin this article
26El Salvador2
33Puerto Rico1

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USA as a world power? In E-Sim it is possible!

In E-Sim we have a huge, living world, which is a mirror copy of the Earth. Well, maybe not completely mirrored, because the balance of power in this virtual world looks a bit different than in real life. In E-Sim, USA does not have to be a world superpower, It can be efficiently managed as a much smaller country that has entrepreneurial citizens that support it's foundation. Everything depends on the players themselves and how they decide to shape the political map of the game.

Work for the good of your country and see it rise to an empire.

Activities in this game are divided into several modules. First is the economy as a citizen in a country of your choice you must work to earn money, which you will get to spend for example, on food or purchase of weapons which are critical for your progress as a fighter. You will work in either private companies which are owned by players or government companies which are owned by the state. After progressing in the game you will finally get the opportunity to set up your own business and hire other players. If it prospers, we can even change it into a joint-stock company and enter the stock market and get even more money in this way.

In E-Sim, international wars are nothing out of the ordinary.

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The second module is a politics. Just like in real life politics in E-Sim are an extremely powerful tool that can be used for your own purposes. From time to time there are elections in the game in which you will not only vote, but also have the ability to run for the head of the party you're in. You can also apply for congress, where once elected you will be given the right to vote on laws proposed by your fellow congress members or your president and propose laws yourself. Voting on laws is important for your country as it can shape the lives of those around you. You can also try to become the head of a given party, and even take part in presidential elections and decide on the shape of the foreign policy of a given state (for example, who to declare war on). Career in politics is obviously not easy and in order to succeed in it, you have to have a good plan and compete for the votes of voters.

You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

The last and probably the most important module is military. In E-Sim, countries are constantly fighting each other for control over territories which in return grant them access to more valuable raw materials. For this purpose, they form alliances, they fight international wars, but they also have to deal with, for example, uprisings in conquered countries or civil wars, which may explode on their territory. You can also take part in these clashes, although you are also given the opportunity to lead a life as a pacifist who focuses on other activities in the game (for example, running a successful newspaper or selling products).

At the auction you can sell or buy your dream inventory.

E-Sim is a unique browser game. It's creators ensured realistic representation of the mechanisms present in the real world and gave all power to the players who shape the image of the virtual Earth according to their own. So come and join them and help your country achieve its full potential.

Invest, produce and sell - be an entrepreneur in E-Sim.

Take part in numerous events for the E-Sim community.

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