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Top 50 Clutch, avoid and eco sets (Statistics)
Posted 5 months ago by

Are you prefer article for each set type like last times? (1 for avoid sets etc)
61.76 % yes
23.52 % no really matter
14.70 % no
Total votes: 34

Parameters for everyone:
300 Strength
Q5 weapon
Military rank: Rookie (1)

(like new players with sets)

"Per limit" = avoid sets.
"Per berserk" = Clutch sets

#nickCitizenshipcritmissavoidmaxdmgper berserk
1 Talgar Germany4005157.0908158
2 autist Japan4005156.6308146
3 Idaho Bulgaria400515608130
4 Euionutt Romania4005153.9108078
5 RollingStone Germany35.3705164.908078
6 sve Delije od Srbije Serbia4005153.1108058
7 sensationCorona Serbia4005151.8608026
8 Nicolai Cuba4005151.6608021
9 Fransharry USA35.633.925137.5822.568018
10 Belmond0 Estonia4005138.747.488010
11 Avram Iancu 1 Romania4005150.4507991
12 Oonoki Puerto Rico4005139.116.727987
13 Igor87 Ukraine4005149.6107969
14 ybp China4005149.0607956
15 Zemlja Honduras4005149.0707956
16 Rollo Kosovo40051377.237955
17 f a h a d Pakistan4005135.697.237922
18 twtthl China4005147.0307904
19 Diyan4o Costa Rica4005146.8207899
20 S7RIKeR Bulgaria39.4405135.117.617892
21 mgm22 Estonia4005146.1707883
22 kike18 Mexico4005145.8407874
23 Robija Bangladesh4005121.5114.557872
24 dekili Bangladesh4005121.9413.717848
25 Fendrick Guatemala39.7905145.1607846
26 albe Bahamas39.8105132.57.147828
27 Maximandrei Romania4005118.8914.757815
28 Metehan3457 Turkey4005143.1607807
29 SS45 Germany4005106.8421.787806
30 fr3_undercover Romania4005106.6421.847804
31 WarriorGhost Romania4005119.6513.587785
32 szenko1 Serbia4005119.1213.757779
33 youyiyi China4005142.0707779
34 _Monkey_ Hungary4005129.447.497776
35 immortali Italy33.6805144.836.927772
36 jeffkey China4005128.787.767770
37 PandaLT Bangladesh34.270592.0237.547763
38 Bai Hui Haiti39.2205118.2714.817758
39 467146425 China39.4405118.2414.257746
40 TheKumanovac Republic of Macedonia35.77011.93150.3407746
41 Jair Messias Betancourt Italy34.0605153.4807725
42 Lord_Ernie Germany4005102.2322.247710
43 Macedonia Republic of Macedonia4005113.8615.237708
44 Gorcinac Serbia4005101.5421.687669
45 Portsmouth Loch Hungary4005137.4507663
46 ThePolitik Greece40011.73136.5707641
47 Genghis_Khan Romania400588.4428.517625
48 Faker_ Uruguay38.8905138.2407622
49 gabi93 Romania4005101.0620.77615
50 san123456 China39.470587.2328.967585

#nickCitizenshipcritmissavoidmaxdmgper limit
1 Bartanus Serbia35.963.6935.71124.3010666
2 Vanko I Costa Rica35.9804093.29010603
3 The Punisher BG Bulgaria35.9704093.07010593
4 Paul Morphy Chile33.633.6240106.72010562
5 henri Ukraine35.9804078.297.8510525
6 Great Demon Bulgaria35.52036.35106.86010482
7 lippy Slovenia3604089.38010447
8 CaioOrtiz USA34.94.3640103.05010438
9 ExSPer China35.78035.46108010400
10 Green_Lightning Italy4004078.43010293
11 biubiubiubiu China4004078.25010287
12 Overmaximiano Portugal403.624086.98010267
13 Radical Serbia4004077.38010250
14 conanh Israel4004075.99010192
15 pasiutes Lithuania24.38039.8106.87010173
16 Dzejkob Poland34.5704073.197.2410170
17 CzekuCZ Germany4004075.23010158
18 makemyday Sweden27.9104073.2414.7210147
19 EgoRav Russia34.5104072.517.3110142
20 thaumas Suriname40035.5492.65010137
21 gauros7 Greece4004074.29010120
22 barcity Italy4004073.81010100
23 Hobbit SLO Slovenia4004061.537.310095
24 bogiss Romania4004062.096.8210085
25 Odin_Allfather New Zealand4004073.16010072
26 eMPeror of SLOVAKIA Panama4004072.7010053
27 korsiarz77 Poland40035.6489.6010033
28 Vanadis Bulgaria4004060.197.1310027
29 jackjie S Finland4004059.877.1210012
30 EliranS2 Israel4004071.65010008
31 jiqimaono2 China4004058.857.59997
32 The Last Time Lord Albania39.75039.4673.2609969
33 tiger1720 Poland40039.9370.6609955
34 Kurt Knispel Hungary4004045.3614.479917
35 Vinnie97 Bangladesh40039.6246.514.619912
36 Bosko E South Korea40035.9147.0622.899903
37 tianzhizi1111 Belarus4004068.8309890
38 GGGGGGGG Italy34.18034.0591.047.259880
39 Cianora Netherlands4004045.5213.829878
40 Bau Kyp Albania32.2504057.514.659862
41 Sinner16 Moldova34.73034.24100.2809843
42 Barjakloo Panama34.08034.0891.056.529833
43 artur1231 Poland39.92035.3161.1714.829832
44 Istari Cjine Iceland4004056.176.739830
45 DonV Corleone Republic of Macedonia4004029.9622.279817
46 The Stupid Genius United Kingdom4004015.6930.669805
47 Lokovsky El Salvador33.763.6134.1260.8230.119781
48 barcelona_oleee Bulgaria34.22035.1484.656.729778
49 Tarabai_1er France40038.258.57.769709
50 nevo1234 Israel39.98032.9391.3209691

1 Mihawk Greece10
2 Dolph Lundgren Chile10
3 mitnal Italy9.24
4 tadej007 Slovenia7.7
5 Donnie Brasco Albania7.48
6 hecker15 Germany7.13
7 anon3525 Cambodia6.99
8 kojot83 Slovenia6.89
9 burgasko Bulgaria6.81
10 trncina Croatia6.04
11 UBS Switzerland5.77
12 mickefi Sweden5.6
13 kene Serbia4.4
14 ESMER` Turkey3.87
15 h3lba Canada3.68
16 Tinko T Costa Rica3.67
17 Damon Mortis Japan3.67
18 Ponix Poland3.63
19 jovica_sd1311 Kosovo3.48
20 mimaotml34 Turkey3.45
21 canakkale17 Uruguay3.21
22 Tab Denmark3.2
23 BabayCo Russia3.1
24 Telli bg Denmark3.05
25 serser Turkey2.99
26 RoseHeadS Taiwan2.95
27 nejc Slovenia2.92
28 mfw1234 Belarus2.77
29 Mine91 Italy2.64
30 MisterGeorg Ukraine2.57
31 rick1994 Taiwan2.55
32 Lucky7Wolf Russia2.53
33 LucasC200 Guatemala2.53
34 kostas620 Greece2.38
35 Sumpe Sweden2.37
36 Barry Allen Venezuela2.34
37 Tzanika Uruguay2.17
38 19Polak10 Poland2.01
39 Zlobalka Panama1.96
40 Jeremija Serbia1.94
41 Ahmed Esmail El Salvador1.85
42 Lord Xaros Belize1.84
43 SMspazinatorN Sweden1.82
44 Justinius2224 Romania1.79
45 Ingera Russia1.77
46 Powwer Guyana1.71
47 Zendragon Guatemala1.71
48 zpipzpip Taiwan1.67
49 MrTomukaZ Lithuania1.65
50 SkyBlue0823 Taiwan1.51

#countryIn this article
16Costa Rica3
19Republic of Macedonia3
31El Salvador2
34Puerto Rico1
42New Zealand1
44South Korea1
48United Kingdom1

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