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PARADOX of CARTEL (2nd part) (Event related)
Posted 2 months ago by
King Carol    

Hello everyone,
Here we are again and I'm gonna show you a part of this beautiful story with paradox of Cartel

On first part I showed you who is the Overpowered alliance, but PARADOXaly our friends from Cartel like to lie almost every time. Firstly they say that WP is OP and they really need help from others (like 3 months ago they asked WP for help)


2. Radical even if he has nap with WP goes to help their friends because they are fighting against this OP alliance

They asked for help 3 months ago even if they have about 600 citizens on Cartel side. I will let there screenshots with all their proposes and manipulation

And here they offered us high iron from MKD. One question here: how can you offer something that you don't have ?


And this is him now. He hates cartel but he has Serbian cs for helping them

P.s. Sorry for big photos and bad english

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Comments (44)
30-03-2019 10:55:15
(2 months ago)

more flame please

30-03-2019 1:50:21
(2 months ago)

P.S.S. This article and comment form members of WP is completely shameful. I'm sad because all of you ex "friends" take that bone from one "turkey" man and spit on the entire history. But each one of us carries his cross on his back, and everyone chooses his own way..

30-03-2019 1:36:00
(2 months ago)

King Carol big diferen if Serbia offer change high iron for other coalitions help our coalitions, and this shit what you like present, with ss only part what you like.
P.S. in that moment when that message is send Serbia have high iron.

30-03-2019 1:30:40
(2 months ago)

Here we go again with their spam articles, stop eating crayons psychosocial and king carol

29-03-2019 21:49:46
(2 months ago)

sve Delije od Srbije ohhh, I'm really sorry. Sometimes I'm a big noob. In that screenshot you said that Serbia give nrom back to MKD if we help you... I didn't realised that since now

29-03-2019 19:11:17
(2 months ago)

Ahahahahah,what a shit propaganda... Big lie and take from the contents my sintacs... xD

29-03-2019 16:24:18
(2 months ago)

Israel first !

I'm pro-Israel but it doesnt change that Israelians from e-sim are all cowards , while in RL they are at war for ages ^^

29-03-2019 16:23:26
(2 months ago)


You sat in the same room as me working for a cooperation, but within 24h you attack Hungary. Thats enough for me.


But you were right, irl stuff should not be in here. Its no point bringing that shit up. Sorry for that

29-03-2019 16:17:12
(2 months ago)

Lol I don't respect you? You were one of the guys I respect the most from this game. I don't think I ever said something bad about you unless I was provoked

29-03-2019 16:16:11
(2 months ago)


Israeli Arabs have the same rights as Israeli Jews. They ride the same buses, study in the same schools, and are treated in the same hospitals. Arabs are elected to Israel’s parliament, serve as judges, and fight in the Israeli military.

29-03-2019 16:05:56
(2 months ago)


Well ofc, if you guys talk shit in shouts and articles and "trolling" i will do also. Why you think i should treat you with respect when you dont treat me with it?

29-03-2019 16:03:57
(2 months ago)

SMdableub I like how you used to talk only good things about Israel and Romania when they were on your side, now suddenly you only talk s**t about us, finally you show your real face

29-03-2019 15:56:22
(2 months ago)

Holy sht, shoot-training on Palestinian kids? where the fk did you read this bullsh*t?
We literally called off attacks on missile and terror bases because there were kids in there, Hamas was hiding rockets and military weapons in schools and hospitals because they knew we won't strike there, they use kids and women as human shields, you are fking braindead and I can't believe how stupid you can be. Wow, did not except this from you.

And what laws based on race? give me one example please, Arabic is one of the major languages here and all of our signs are contain Hebrew , English and Arabic. You are talking nonsense.

29-03-2019 15:51:53
(2 months ago)

SMdableub Come on, send me a message on discord, I will show you how social media lied to you for many years, I live here, I know the truth. I wouldn't defend my country if it was a "terrorist state".
Our army is the most humane army in the world.

29-03-2019 15:51:28
(2 months ago)

Psychosocial hold on, it's their way to express themselves. If they wanna "insult" or make you "feel offended" they bring real life politics. As just as they called Ukraine - Russia and Turkey - Kurdistan. Just shows how helpless those who bring RL.

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