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WP is OP ! (First part) (Statistics)
Posted 1 month ago by
King Carol    

Hello everyone,

I'm here to show Cartel members why they lose this war but those WolfPack members are on THE LOSERS SIDE (as Cartel know very well)

First, we have here a statistic with total damage of Cartel and WolfPack (Red-Cartel/Blue-WP)

Secondly total citizens of each part

We have about 600 citizens on Cartel side (including every friend and country: PL,HU,SRB,USA,Croatia,Sweden,EST,Latvia,Cyprus,Iceland,Kosovo, Dominican republic, one El salvador) (Edit: I forget about Spain, that means 600+38)

WP side about 430 (including TK,BG,RO,MKD,UK,IS,CR,Bangladesh, and others )

Finally, we must not forget about the economy.

In conclusion, we can say that WP is OP and sadly they are the losers

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Comments (54)
30-03-2019 15:16:07
(1 month ago)

Serbia+Caiortiz :: The Great Crying Ally

28-03-2019 23:13:23
(1 month ago)


if you think about it on a large scale, you will understand that I am right,but your pride conceals your real appreciation.

Cartel has become a fear

think about it and ask why, and trace everything from the beginning

28-03-2019 21:23:06
(1 month ago)

what kind of delusion are u living in? wp attacked cartel after a long and hard cartel vs fear war.

u are the agressor here and talking crap whole day

28-03-2019 17:56:13
(1 month ago)

I remember when Cartel was created, on the pretext of freeing the servant ,of fear,,,,,,,,this is of course a complete delusion, and an excuse for the players,The cartel was designed to destroy the fear and to conquer the whole and control everything,,,
then I said to some players, I will not say names, they know..

The cartel will become a fear then who will release from Cartel,,,,

and here's what's happening, they're currently in a hurdle, a wolf pack, and they want to destroy us. to control everything,,,,

Conclusion is Cartel / Paradox. They want to control everything and everyone.

and no one can convince me otherwise,

so the wolf pack will fight to the last for the primera freedom

28-03-2019 15:48:22
(1 month ago)


28-03-2019 15:39:54
(1 month ago)


Better to be two-faced than two-country(ed)

28-03-2019 13:33:45
(1 month ago)


28-03-2019 8:32:27
(1 month ago)

War? When?

Totally missed it.

28-03-2019 7:30:08
(1 month ago)

111 citizens ? 90 multies xd

28-03-2019 0:27:39
(1 month ago)

You've really perfected the art of talking so much and still saying nothing mate, good job

28-03-2019 0:23:28
(1 month ago)

I never said you were OP, i just said you needed to gang up on Serbia to delete it and you barely did it, you really need to read more carefully i mention that to you every time.
And again i am not saying and did not said anywhere that Serbia was in the wars, again read more carefully, you are mistaking other people comments for mines.
I am always claiming the same, WP is a joke, since the creation you didn't do anything special except acting tough.
I am writing that every time, your problem is not reading or not understanding my comments, looks like i'll need to simple them out for you man

27-03-2019 23:43:35
(1 month ago)

Lmao sensationCorona please decide once and for all, are we a joke or are we OP like caio and some other say? I'm confused af
Also please list me the wars Serbia had from the wp formation till today, I'm really curious cuz as I remember, you had none

27-03-2019 23:15:37
(1 month ago)

when Serbs talk about war LOL

27-03-2019 22:31:37
(1 month ago)

Lol Hocci, wtf ))))

27-03-2019 21:56:36
(1 month ago)

Second of all, you missed the 2 destiny wars, the one with Germany, the ones with Russia, the other one with Poland, the first 2 with Greece, the indirect one with USA

War with destiny ( i mean lol, nobody even remembers what alliance destiny was, which makes it not worth mentioning and that was ages ago), the ones with Russia (seriously?!I mean did you seriously count that?), GR against WP ( lol lol lol) and you even count INDIRECT one with USA..
You guys are a joke, last one year only thing worth mentioning about RO, BG, or Turkey as a actual war is this with HU and SRB.If you can call that even as a long war.
I won't mention FYROM because they did nothing for 2 years, they are still not doing anything.

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