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Choose Wisely! (Statistics)
Posted 2 months ago by

What would you choose if you had to choose only 1 from the following:
36.17 % 100.000 q5 weapons!
23.40 % The Best q6 set max-critical in the history of e-sim
20.21 % 3.000 foods limits + 300medkits
12.76 % 20.000 GOLD
7.44 % Super duper eco set +10 economic skill
Total votes: 94

Dear Primera Players!

After great stats articles from 3444 and new records from TITANI MU yesterday (well done)
I am starting a poll to see what is more important!Feel free to write in commends what do you think more important or harder to achieve!

Choose wisely!

The results from the polls will be revealed in my next article! while i will show the sets too

Do not forget to sub and vote! thanks!

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Comments (13)
08-02-2019 21:18:26
(2 months ago)

3444? the bug dealer? the famous script dealer?

07-02-2019 19:44:31
(2 months ago)

Great Demon of course i agree with you but it is not for negotiation, respect above everything

07-02-2019 19:05:34
(2 months ago)

The most important is community and respect between the players

07-02-2019 16:39:00
(2 months ago)

perhaps sell some items from the crit max and make it crit-avoid-max for more dmg?

07-02-2019 14:03:18
(2 months ago)

Of course. I will not get back 3,000 food limit. But I'm not greedy. 300 medkitsis enough

07-02-2019 11:18:42
(2 months ago)

The Punisher BG it is 450 actually cause 3000 food is 150 medkits

07-02-2019 11:17:30
(2 months ago)

Green_Lightning your set is good but it is not the best.
If you want to deal the maximum damage you should change some stats.

Individually hardly to see someone with all the above a country or a strong military unit of course

07-02-2019 10:19:55
(2 months ago)

why do i have to chose since i have them all?

07-02-2019 9:24:18
(2 months ago)

Q5 weps!!! That is what u need

07-02-2019 7:00:51
(2 months ago)

Give me the limits + medikits and Serbia will not win a single round against Macedonia 😁

07-02-2019 6:01:19
(2 months ago)

300 medkits it will be beautiful

07-02-2019 0:16:08
(2 months ago)

3444 true npc in secura produce tons of weapons but we play primera without npc, i am glad we do not have

07-02-2019 0:02:36
(2 months ago)

depend which server..
in secura i need medkits, other servers set/wep

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