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RW tournament (Event related)
Posted 3 months ago by

Hello everyone!
Happy New Year! I wish new year will bring you more happiness & less stress and pain!

The story say that our almighty GOA Cianora with his friends Gamoraa were wondering for a long time how to cheep up and activate the people of PRIMERA!

They came up an idea of RW Tournament . So they share this idea first with our not lovely Admin to become reality.

Most of the people like the new idea.

So one day Admin announced the beginning of this event in 24hours! So the global war will start!

2677 and 15:00 it was the day and time that the first RW Tournament take place!

Total 71 battles take place in this event
Admin opened 56 rw
8 people opened the rest 15rw (some were before the event begin)
Good to mention that most of them (5) were opened from Vinnie97

The event opened a lot battles and a lot people had fun in the end!

Total damage in 24hours without bonus damage more than 7 Billions!!!

Damage leader loako almost 600M
and in second place Cianora 550M
Maybe staff enjoy it more as you can see
Why not they are players like us too!

37/71 rw battles has already end and 9 of them free the occupied country

From the other hand 34 active rw that only 1-2 will manage to free them-self!

If we add few maths that means that 15% of the rw were a success story!
(not bad)

Things that i would like to add
1) Rw duration per round reduced to 1h
2) Mini bonus damage for the rebels like in rebels week (5-10%)
3) Less lag in battles a lot people complain and i we will all agree that admin can first try new changes in testura and after in Primera cause a lot hours we could not fight!
4) I liked the fact that you do not get equipments like in previews events and the normal server become speed for only 1 day!

PS: The point of the event is to have fun and people be active! Hopefully the next time we will not have got so many problems

An old dinosaur

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Comments (11)
05-01-2019 19:19:40
(3 months ago)

Bug achevements BUG tournement

05-01-2019 12:28:20
(3 months ago)

Don't think rebels should have more bonuses for their damage, they already have a bonus with the buffs, a bonus that the defenders don't have.

05-01-2019 0:24:19
(3 months ago)

Mission 40
Sorry for the spam

04-01-2019 20:17:19
(3 months ago)

Oi loako , where's my paycheck?

04-01-2019 19:53:44
(3 months ago)


04-01-2019 19:39:46
(3 months ago)

O chilly ήταν ανέκαθεν χιλιόμετρα μπροστά!!!

04-01-2019 18:52:06
(3 months ago)


k eixa kanei k pio palia...


k periodika k alla..
eixe k ligoteres xores tote

04-01-2019 18:38:08
(3 months ago)

chillyzeis admin?

04-01-2019 18:36:54
(3 months ago)

but who was the first to make reistance event !!!!

04-01-2019 17:41:58
(3 months ago)

I agree with your suggestions.
It was a fun event though

04-01-2019 17:06:31
(3 months ago)

Good article, I agree with everythingo/
Ty for mention Mihawk

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