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Romania is opening the gates for investors (Political)
Posted 5 months ago by

I'm just gonna make it quick. Romania lowered its taxes and stabilized its markets

The Taxes

The Monetary Market fixed at 0.04 gold per ron

There will always be products on our Product Market at a decent price

So in case you are looking for a safe country with safe High Iron(been not invaded since 2017), also since USA's iron is at production debuff, our arms are warm and wide open for you

Bonus: about USA's production case, if you have too many USD, no need to worry about them, we can exchange your USD to RON

Also, if you are stingy and don't want to spend money on relocating your companies into our High Iron region, we pay it for you, no worries as I said

For those and more informations, PM me

We are waiting for you

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