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Top 200 RW medals (Statistics)
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#NickCitizenshipRW medals
1 Guho123 Bangladesh91
2 El Scorpion Croatia64
3 chillyzeis Greece58
4 KFZV Germany57
5 Lokovsky El Salvador57
6 Wandutza Romania53
7 I K E A USA50
8 Vinnie97 Bangladesh45
9 srpski_ratnik Bangladesh41
10 kene Serbia41
11 rajko21 Pakistan39
12 tadej007 Slovenia36
13 Cimbalar Hungary35
14 TheKumanovac Republic of Macedonia35
15 Genghis_Khan Turkey31
16 jackburn Spain31
17 Bai Hui Haiti30
18 Arkadyia France29
19 Bau Kyp Albania28
20 Hocci Pakistan28
21 Yoshi Mexico28
22 Napoleon IV France27
23 The Stupid Genius United Kingdom27
24 Barjakloo Panama27
25 ansisLtd Lithuania26
26 tibi Slovenia25
27 tamaki_s Bangladesh25
28 WarriorGhost Romania25
29 daenyboi Sweden24
30 C i i a Mexico23
31 dejm Czech Republic23
32 bogiss USA22
33 Bartanus Pakistan21
34 TheAssassin Republic of Macedonia21
35 Tulip Farella United Kingdom21
36 SMdableub Pakistan20
37 jackjie S Finland20
38 Devars Latvia19
39 Eldkraft Norway19
40 barcelona_oleee Costa Rica19
41 Radical Greece19
42 henri Ukraine19
43 Lord Miro Montenegro19
44 ThePolitik Russia19
45 Komunist69 Costa Rica19
46 Sir Hell Argentina18
47 The Carnage Bangladesh18
48 Septim Bahamas18
49 Dark Star Venezuela18
50 crodaemon Croatia17
51 Odin_Allfather New Zealand17
52 Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria Colombia17
53 RODERIK1983 Peru17
54 Jean Moulin France17
55 ENIMA Latvia17
56 eMPeror of SLOVAKIA Panama17
57 Boulos Abud Iceland16
58 Dreier Ireland16
59 Runnet Israel16
60 SMTaishan Sweden16
61 JVP Bangladesh16
62 janniemoney Netherlands15
63 szenko1 Pakistan15
64 BestServedIceCold USA15
65 Zemlja Honduras15
66 Rollo Belize15
67 Ingera Russia15
68 lntruder Albania15
69 PandaLT Bangladesh14
70 ybp China14
71 lippy Germany14
72 trimmarN Sweden14
73 Nicolai Cuba14
74 VonTaivas Canada14
75 Andraley Slovakia14
76 Hajaj Pakistan14
77 GGGGGGGG Italy14
78 ExSPer China14
79 sve Delije od Srbije Serbia14
80 Rob Grig Russia14
81 Toru Matsumoto Japan14
82 Mr Wong Ireland14
83 deep_leader Guyana14
84 Robija Bangladesh13
85 Federico Rosenfeld Ireland13
86 Istari Cjine Iceland13
87 shoomi Suriname13
88 Gorcinac Serbia13
89 SS45 Malaysia13
90 Stbklzcczzlv Czech Republic13
91 EgoRav Russia13
92 Minerva BannaBasher McGonagall Turkey13
93 CaioOrtiz USA13
94 Frank_Castle United Kingdom13
95 Damon Mortis Japan12
96 Kurt Knispel Pakistan12
97 Andros Belgium12
98 pasiutes Lithuania12
99 Idaho Bulgaria12
100 jirkalor Canada12
101 Halny El Salvador12
102 Vanko I Costa Rica12
103 Cimii Serbia11
104 djetc Poland11
105 BarbaRossa17` Turkey11
106 gerasimos14 Greece11
107 Modric Montenegro11
108 D43r0n Pakistan11
109 The_King_IvanBG Bulgaria11
110 wasowski Argentina11
111 _Monkey_ Hungary11
112 LittleMan Romania11
113 GTHappens Brazil11
114 nevo1234 Israel10
115 dane Iran10
116 Tong Khan_ Turkey10
117 augusto9 Vietnam10
118 sensationCorona Pakistan10
119 Rubberband man Sweden10
120 Davorko Brazil10
121 Marsy Croatia10
122 Hobbit SLO Slovenia10
123 moonport China10
124 Mr_Donat Ukraine10
125 This Was Hellas Greece10
126 VolurySama Serbia10
127 Psychosocial Romania10
128 KNOFX Mexico10
129 tommyvercetti1200 Ireland10
130 babis_p Greece9
131 safewai Portugal9
132 Euionutt Romania9
133 asmaday Lithuania9
134 conanh Israel9
135 Danto Dragonslayer Hungary9
136 Getulio Vargas 2 Guatemala9
137 panda47 France9
138 Bosko E South Korea9
139 RollingStone Germany9
140 Bullytt Russia9
141 rkrudney Brazil9
142 Vasilije69 Pakistan9
143 Beldo USA9
144 Igor87 Ukraine9
145 Goxyto USA8
146 Green_Lightning Italy8
147 Zevzek Serbia8
148 Jesser Spain8
149 santa_zs Hungary8
150 Cianora Netherlands8
151 Tarabai_1er France8
152 Gunny Austria8
153 gamaran Belize8
154 BalHed Russia8
155 angel vitae Italy8
156 TheWomaninBlack Bahamas8
157 Andrias Scheuchzeri Pakistan8
158 Saint Camael Netherlands8
159 S7RIKeR Bulgaria8
160 He Who Does Not Exist Puerto Rico8
161 Untanelis Lithuania7
162 jakegate7 Greece7
163 DaggerXb Germany7
164 Greek Troops Greece7
165 Karl Gauss Paraguay7
166 Dromihete Romania7
167 The Last Time Lord Albania7
168 Great Chinggis Khaan Ukraine7
169 cesar51 Indonesia7
170 Th3 Eagle USA7
171 737363395 China7
172 ChochoIYI Bulgaria7
173 Dzejkob Poland6
174 met3_ USA6
175 nobch Vietnam6
176 SwedenIsKindaNice Jamaica6
177 MEDICO_DO_ALEM Brazil6
178 Snowball the Dinosaur Canada6
179 riteris1 Lithuania6
180 fr3_undercover Romania6
181 PhoenixBA Australia6
182 marcusvm Guatemala6
183 gerulis6 Philippines6
184 Fransharry Pakistan6
185 Donnie Brasco Albania6
186 zZenom007 Australia6
187 Mr Keksas Lithuania6
188 masoud1 Iran6
189 Mr Antonio Conte Switzerland6
190 sovy95 Croatia6
191 dario_mup Bosnia and Herzegovina6
192 katamann Romania6
193 Fendrick Guatemala6
194 Fadil Novalic Bosnia and Herzegovina6
195 a n o n y m Ukraine6
196 sbaxter117 Germany6
197 immortali San Marino6
198 kike18 Mexico6
199 Hermione Melis Granger Turkey6
200 Panos1978 Greece6

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In E-Sim we have a huge, living world, which is a mirror copy of the Earth. Well, maybe not completely mirrored, because the balance of power in this virtual world looks a bit different than in real life. In E-Sim, USA does not have to be a world superpower, It can be efficiently managed as a much smaller country that has entrepreneurial citizens that support it's foundation. Everything depends on the players themselves and how they decide to shape the political map of the game.

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You can go bankrupt or become a rich man while playing the stock market.

The international war.

The last and probably the most important module is military. In E-Sim, countries are constantly fighting each other for control over territories which in return grant them access to more valuable raw materials. For this purpose, they form alliances, they fight international wars, but they also have to deal with, for example, uprisings in conquered countries or civil wars, which may explode on their territory. You can also take part in these clashes, although you are also given the opportunity to lead a life as a pacifist who focuses on other activities in the game (for example, running a successful newspaper or selling products).

At the auction you can sell or buy your dream inventory.

E-Sim is a unique browser game. It's creators ensured realistic representation of the mechanisms present in the real world and gave all power to the players who shape the image of the virtual Earth according to their own. So come and join them and help your country achieve its full potential.

Invest, produce and sell - be an entrepreneur in E-Sim.

Take part in numerous events for the E-Sim community.

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