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5.0 %
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26.73 %
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Serbian bullshit again:

sensationCorona "Odin Allfather was and always is a BH hunter, he fights where he wants to fight, and everybody knows that."

No man, Odin Allfather not a bh hunter. Odin Allfater starts the RW's himself, against the currently owners, and he fighting only on the revolutionary side. In the last 5 months he doing that ONLY AGAINST THE NETHERLANDS.

This is not a simply BH hunting, This is a terrorism and bullying. We aren't idiots, stop this bh hunter bullshits.
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

Serbian CP Guardian asked me, Why Netherlands fought against Serbia. Because of that:

Odin = He is serbian. He is serb national military unit member. He fighting against us with serbian state supp.

I asked many times Guardian to stop him. What was his answer?

- He won't, and used a lot of vulgar obscene words on me. (all screenshoted!!!).

And after that, everybody say that, "on primera everybody attacks the serbs without reason"....
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

Dutch Congress

Please accept the citizenship appeal from BuyukYI .
Vote YES on laws.
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

Dutch people:

On the new server we are in Switzerland. If you want to join us, you can apply for citizenship. I saw Netherlands is under attack there.
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

My first decision is the following:

There are some wars in the Balkan. Most of them are against Serbia. Everybody of us remember that, how the serbians like to trolling with us, starting revolutions on our territories etc. Mainly the RED ZMAJA members.

Here is the time to refund. Hungary signed an MPP with Serbia to help them and to save them. It won't be so easy to survive.

From now, we supports the activities against Serbia. Orders you can set every time against Serbia on the Bosnia-Herzegovina side.
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

Thank you for the votes. Also Congratulations to the opponent.
KyloRen posted 2 months ago

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