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This is Guerrilla ! (Military)
Posted 1 month ago by

Last year was pretty good for Guerrilla, could be better, but we are satisfied.. We broke some records, including the most dmg in a single day record + many other personal and military records, who wouldn't be satisfied, just take a look:

-I don't remember the day, but i managed to save some screenshots from that day (2 months ago), we did 7.8kkk dmg in 1 single day, Havras alone did +5kkk dmg which is also the best dmg in a day by a player in Primera, i also set up my personal dmg in day record (1.2kkk)
-Too bad that enemy sides didn't do any resistance in this huge dmg battle, but ok, we didn't count on it so and so.. Before anyone comments how we did some big waste and big overkill, i just want to say that we prepared for that 140% bonus dmg 2 months ago, and that was our best chance to make this dmg, cause of inactivity and RL problems.. Why 7kkk dmg ? Ask Havras , he did his dmg with his own money and supplies, i am very thankful to him and i hope he will be remembered for this..
-Our goals are completed for now, time to set up new goals..

Here is a picture with our record breaking dmg:

Here is a picture of top5 players by dmg on that day:

On day 26** Guerrilla MU overpassed their own DMG IN ONE DAY record by doing 7.82kkk dmg, this is the best daily dmg any MU has done in Primera
*Our Old Record *

Here is a quick look on battle we dumped our dmg:

Thanks to whole Guerrilla squad for making this happen, working for Q5 weps only for 2 months without asking many question, doing dmg only when needed, preparing their medkits for that long awaited 140% bonus dmg.. It was hard, we did some minor dmg in those 2 months, but still our main focus was on Q5 weps which we created..
We created more then 22k Q5 weps, bought more then 15k Q5 extra weps, and still we didn't even used all of it, a lot of Q5 weps are still in stock of some MU members and they are free to use them whenever they want..
Why Pakistan ? Why we did all that dmg in Pakistan ? That's simple, they called us, promised us 10+ citizenship's, i agreed.. I don't think that China is mad on us, but i know that many people were confused, why are we helping Pakistan for free.. Well, why not, we saw downfall of every country in Primera, yet we never saw China down, so yeah, that's a good goal for us in the near future and a good motivation cause they are the strongest country with many strong allies..



-For everyone who doesn't know, Guerrilla is mercenary unit and we sell our DMG for 2.5g/1kk
-On 80% and 100% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.5g/1kk
-On 120% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.2g/1kk
-On 140% bonus dmg we sell it for 1g/1kk

If you need last seconds TANK DMG, here are the prices :
-Without bonus dmg we sell it for 3.0g/1kk
-On 80% and 100% bonus dmg we sell it for 2g/1kk
-On 120% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.5g/1kk
-On 140% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.3g/1kk

*Overkill dmg over 4kk dmg (on bonus dmg 8kk) doesn't have to be payed.. (small battles)
*Overkill dmg over 8kk dmg (on bonus dmg 16kk) doesn't have to be payed.. (huge battles)

*We don't sell dmg against USA

For dmg contact: Fransharry


Recruitment is OPEN

**For more infos about recruitment, contact Fransharry

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Comments (17)
08-01-2019 18:34:56
(1 month ago)

Guerrilla Offical newspaper doesn't exist, tf?

08-01-2019 17:57:17
(1 month ago)

08-01-2019 6:27:37
(1 month ago)

It's just a game.It won't affect real friendship.

07-01-2019 21:36:38
(1 month ago)

waste dmg..

07-01-2019 19:56:21
(1 month ago)

ma nisam imao nameru da te ista napadnem brat ,
opusteno heh

07-01-2019 19:42:53
(1 month ago)

srpski_ratnik 60% tvog komentara niti ima logike, niti je točno..
Pričamo o pravoj snazi, a niti jedan član Gerille više i ne igra igricu, tu su samo kad ih zovem.. A mislim da smo vec koliko put pokazali snagu i da nema potreb da se dokazujemo nikome..

Ovo za Titane nije ni priblizno tocno, opet Merc, nemam pojma sta bi ti to trebalo znacit, pucali na istoj strani, pa da, otprilike 3 mjeseca u zadnje 4 godine..

Preveliko trosenje ? A sta da radimo s goldima i supply ? Mogu stockat dok ne umrem, pa ce mi bit zao sto nisam potrosio xd

The Carnage there is a sentence where i wrote that we don't hit against USA.. About Pakistan, well you never tried to hire us and never will, i don't remember ever being hired by Italy and i am not sure that i will ever see that in my life..

07-01-2019 18:29:54
(1 month ago)

ova gerilica nije ni do gležnja onoj staroj

07-01-2019 13:27:02
(1 month ago)

valja upotpunit malu jugoslaviju u komentarima

07-01-2019 9:56:40
(1 month ago)

Jedna lasta ne čini proleće.

07-01-2019 2:06:24
(1 month ago)

kao sto je e-sim propao tako i ovo nije ni G od gerile koje se sjecam xD

07-01-2019 1:06:16
(1 month ago)

I have 160 medkits if you want to use them o7

07-01-2019 0:46:34
(1 month ago)

Thank you Guerilla o/

07-01-2019 0:25:39
(1 month ago)

If i buy guerrilla against pakistan or usa probably the universe will collapse

06-01-2019 23:32:02
(1 month ago)

again merc ? haha frans ma daj

i nije ovo rekord rekord su napravili titani na 400 % bonus dmg za 3 godinjicu ili 4 godine primere ne mogu da se setim tacno i tada su otisli na prvo mesto koje ce uskoro od nas izgubiti ..
prava snaga jedinice nije dnevni dump, nego prosecan ucinjen dmg a tu niko na ovoj igri ne moze ni prici blizu piratima
ne mogu da pohvalim ovo prosipanje dmga ali u svakom slucaju lepo je za videti

preveliko bacanje i trosenje nizasta taj sto je udario vise se ovde nije pojavio tako da mu je taj dmg totalno promasen i nebitan

i moram da ti dodam da mi je strasno krivo zato sto je gerila otisla nekim drugim tokom nego je ranije bila dok smo bili na istoj strani .. kako god ali na istoj strani razumeces

06-01-2019 22:27:40
(1 month ago)

<3 Guerrilla

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