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Guerrilla is back, a little bit stronger then last year...

-Day 2580 (Primera) is a day we will remember for a long time.. On this day, we broke our own record from last year and we also got into TOP 5 MU's in the game!
-After few months of inactivity, we returned with some mayor dmg and said hello to the world, we are still not done with the game!!
-Even if many players have left Guerrilla or Primera, we still managed to gather a lot of dmg from many players, i am really surprised by our activity in last few days, i hope we will keep it up..

Here is a picture with our record breaking dmg:


Here is a picture where Guerrilla is in TOP 5 MU's of Primera:

On day 2580 Guerrilla MU overpassed their own DMG IN ONE DAY record by doing 2.57kkk dmg, this also might be the best daily dmg any MU has done in Primera

Here is a look on one of the greatest battle in Primera, Great West, France against Brazil:




I am very proud on Guerrilla, this is not what i expected, doing so much dmg on a random day, without any pre-organization or plans for this event.. I literally woke up 2 days ago, saw a msg from sve Delije od Srbije "Hey, you overslept 120% bonus dmg with Q5 DS and core attack on Brazil, i know that your soul is now hurted", and i was just like, oh ok, next time maybe i will get a better chance in a better battle.. Not long after that, Brazil attacked back, i was in debuff, we set order there and saw that this battle won't be too hard.. Day after when i woke up, i had something too see.. Troubles begun, France was winning and the dmg was HUGE, so what now ? "We already set the order, 140% bonus dmg is here, Prizrenasi15 already won us 2 rounds, so let's go for it" -said BIendi .. After that, everything was ultra fast, we spammed, we tried to get as many people as we can to fight in this great battle, and whatever we do, it's still not good enough.. So we tried even harder! We did everything we could to wake up as many Guerrillians as we can, and we succeeded, with very good organization with sve Delije od Srbije , CaioOrtiz , rajko21 and SMdableub , with help coming from Spain, Hungary Canada and few more countries, we did it, we won.. But in the meantime, new troubles begun, Mexico attacked USA core region, many thought it was just a distraction fast the last round in Great West, but I K E A wasn't so sure about that, and he was right, it's not just a distraction, it's a WAR!!


-For everyone who doesn't know, Guerrilla is mercenary unit and we sell our DMG for 2g/1kk
-On 100% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.2g/1kk
-On 140% bonus dmg we sell it for 1g/1kk

If you need last seconds TANK DMG, here are the prices :
-Without bonus dmg we sell it for 2.5g/1kk
-On 100% bonus dmg we sell it for 2g/1kk
-On 140% bonus dmg we sell it for 1.5g/1kk

*Overkill dmg over 3kk dmg (on bonus dmg 6kk) doesn't have to be payed..
*We don't sell dmg against USA and Serbia

For dmg contact: Fransharry or BIendi

For more infos about recruitment, contact Fransharry or BIendi

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Comments (16)
01-10-2018 18:20:27
(9 months ago)


nice cat in these photos
he made a nice dmg btw

30-09-2018 12:29:51
(9 months ago)

Lets say it how it is, pff ..

30-09-2018 12:16:46
(9 months ago)

scary shit :/

30-09-2018 3:06:35
(9 months ago)

I love to much Guerrilla, Guerrilla is awesome!

30-09-2018 1:18:16
(9 months ago)


29-09-2018 23:23:27
(9 months ago)

clap clap

29-09-2018 23:06:01
(9 months ago)

Hail Guerrilla o7

29-09-2018 22:42:38
(9 months ago)

<3 Guerrilla

29-09-2018 20:05:56
(9 months ago)

srpski_ratnik before you complain ask tamaki, he will show you more than 10 links with Fear breaking NAP since day 1 of the NAP.

29-09-2018 19:47:19
(9 months ago)

this mu stealing players...

29-09-2018 18:26:30
(9 months ago)

i will give my opinion about this later .. not time now ..this article come after my complains for breaking NAP ..

later i will wrote more ..

29-09-2018 18:21:12
(9 months ago)

Damn...I missed it.

29-09-2018 17:26:49
(9 months ago)

Hail Guerrilla

29-09-2018 16:46:04
(9 months ago)

AkDOdo123 yes you are right, i thought he did 1.8kkk

Don't worry, we will do 5kkk next time xd

29-09-2018 16:38:44
(9 months ago)

There is me, there is a vote

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