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Venezuela ? First Order ? Uh ? (Political)
Posted 4 months ago by

few days ago, KyloRen from VEF
Venezuela started a new era for his country.
It sounded good: https://primera.e-sim.org/article.html?id=118672

But, KyloRen started to be arrogant, aggressive and started to attack our friends in the shadows, like a coward:

So... ok. You borded me KyloRen .
You hit against allied, and ask on French Discord (France is allied with Peru) to hit against Peru for golds... REALLY ??
Your First Order will fall.
Everyone know yours pics in articles are wrongs. Real one is:

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Comments (11)
07-01-2019 18:16:34
(4 months ago)


funny kid

07-01-2019 6:54:44
(4 months ago)

And He is finally banned. 😊

06-01-2019 21:10:43
(4 months ago)

I'll join you Kylo, hocci destroyed Hungary and now Pakistan!
Hocci the noob

06-01-2019 18:58:39
(4 months ago)

Just don't send him home please. We don't need that agressive cheater here.

06-01-2019 15:08:05
(4 months ago)

Dams_ , KyloRen is crazy boy from Hungary, I kick he with Dark, when he see that first orden falling he attack Columbia after that I take control in congress.

Now we have 2 wars and cw, but we can revock all for congress, KyloRen fall.

06-01-2019 10:30:03
(4 months ago)

Hocci empty the Org DDD nice blame from you, after you take out everything from the Hungary Org

We bought back the all VEFs from the people, so the Org is not empty, full with country currency. It was an investment to the Future, but Diana want to destroy our monetary and economic policy. Nothing new.

06-01-2019 9:29:06
(4 months ago)

reading coments

05-01-2019 22:46:47
(4 months ago)

u want to leave after u emtpy the org. It is already reported dont worry

05-01-2019 22:23:44
(4 months ago)

Diana Prince

05-01-2019 22:17:35
(4 months ago)

KyloRen go to indo :V

05-01-2019 21:18:35
(4 months ago)

First Order is dead, because of Haffaz Aladeen and Dark Star. They want back their Venezuela while they are inactive on the battlefront. We move out from Venezuela, you can occupy all.

Thank you for the article. And yes, Peru's cp want also Haffaz as cp and I didn't allowed it.

Currently Venezuela:

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