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EQUIPS FOR SELL (Economical)
Posted 5 months ago by

Hello everyone !
This is only a quick article to show you 3 equipments i'm selling on auctions today to pay my huuuuuuuge debts.
(thanks to Hajaj , origine and fabiendu39 for these loans, you gave me the possibility to have a really good equipments set today !

So ! Lets not wait more:




Buy them all !

Please come on this article to give me a little vote, the new goal is to reach the 500votes! Lets do it !

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Comments (10)
20-12-2018 11:09:32
(5 months ago)

2 gold and a half sandwich

20-12-2018 2:04:27
(5 months ago)

2000 g my offer for q5 armor

18-12-2018 20:29:39
(5 months ago)

Not good enough

18-12-2018 19:49:07
(5 months ago)

selling q4 armor

18-12-2018 19:48:53
(5 months ago)

Je sais chéri t'inquiète, je t'en veux pas c'était un petit trait d'humour.

18-12-2018 15:48:39
(5 months ago)

good luck o7

18-12-2018 15:13:09
(5 months ago)

En soi je suis pas contre mais jme suis endetté de 4500g donc c'est chaud. Mais je t'aime quand meme

18-12-2018 12:59:06
(5 months ago)

Je veux bien que tu m'offre l'armor par amour pour moi, les shoes aussi tant qu'à faire

18-12-2018 11:42:42
(5 months ago)

The Carnage yes, i'm weak, this fuking game is a drug

18-12-2018 11:32:09
(5 months ago)

Arkadyia So you lasted 3 months before being back again?

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