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PRIMERA IS ALIVE (Event related)
Posted 5 months ago by

So... 22h after publishing my article asking for votes, lets see where we are...

Ah... So, its impossible?

I believe in primera!


If you did not vote already, clic HERE and do it ! need 300votes

Anyways, if we succeed or not, there is another Achievement we can reach easy...

If we deal 300 votes on precedent article, we only need 100 votes on thjis one
I know we can do it.

This article is the LAST ONE where i will ask for votes.
But its not the end of my newspaper !!
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See you soon !

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Comments (8)
13-12-2018 1:50:53
(5 months ago)

let's do it lads

12-12-2018 15:55:14
(5 months ago)

its gonna stop at 101

12-12-2018 13:56:28
(5 months ago)

Damon Mortis sherlock no, primera is alive

12-12-2018 10:18:33
(5 months ago)

no. leave primera alone

12-12-2018 2:03:22
(5 months ago)

Easy explain: it was created lots of years ago, when you could collect votes before publishing, and it was published nowdays? Maybe? If not, PRIMERA IT'S ALIVE!!

11-12-2018 16:40:33
(5 months ago)

xD good luck

11-12-2018 15:48:12
(5 months ago)

Vas-y tais toi tu rends ouf avec ton caca littéraire là

11-12-2018 14:13:39
(5 months ago)


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