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What are you talking ?? (Military)
Posted 8 months ago by

I will make it short, or not... srpski_ratnik what the hell are you talking ?

-Guerrilla is merc and will stay merc, there was a time when Guerrilla was part of VVV coalition for 3-4 months, but it's long gone and here is the article: Guerrilla is neutral again
-Pirates will never leave merc mode... Is that an advertising article or a complaining article ? Make yourself clear..

-What NAP, did you see my name in any NAP ? I was completely inactive for more then 4 months, i don't know about any NAP's, so how can Guerrilla break a NAP which we didn't sign ?

-Hmm, Pirates don't follow orders ? Then how do you play the game, if someone hires you that means you take orders from him..

-We fight for money, not supplies, not honor, not respect, only money, like it or not.. We fight for USA and their allies cause they pay us for our dmg every time they need it and we give them cheapest dmg price in return..

-When we are bored and fight for free, we usually set orders for USA allies or for people who actually invented some money in Guerrilla by hiring us since i am leading the MU, that means that you will never see Guerrilla for free helping Italy, China, Germany and such countries from which we never had any profit..

-I make articles for my people and my friends, i am not really interested in comments coming from people outside Guerrilla, especially if they are not meant to be good..

-War between Venezuela and Dominican Rep. ? Well, i'm in all USA discord channels and there never was a mention about that war at all during it, neither did USA pay us for dmg, or told us to worry about that war.. My Venezuelan friend and ex Guerrillian Dark Star hired us in that battle and ofc we accepted it without even thinking about some NAP's or whatever..

-If you think that we must respect any NAP USA signed and that Guerrilla is USA MU cause we hit mostly for USA, and it's known in public that we won't hit against USA ever, if that is the point of this "ARTICLE " then you are wrong.. We won't hit against USA cause 1 battle against USA would end our great relations and they would never hire us again, also i have few Americans in MU which i don't want to lose.. If you have anything to say about this, then tell me about your relations with China.. Would you hit against China if someone pays you ??

-Before ending this argument, i have to say that yesterday Kamillo asked me to stay away from Dominican Republic and their war with Venezuela, so i agreed, we will stay away..

-Why are you creating a discussion type of article if you are disabling the comments ?

For the end, i always respected you and Pirates, you guyz are the best MU in this game without question, but whenever i publish an article about Guerrilla, you and your friend or ex friend or whatever KFZV is to you, always go with negative stuff and openly discuss it with making an article or shout which contains the name Guerrilla in a bad way..
I would never do something like that and i never did, i commented a lot of articles and shouts where KFZV was the main theme, or Dams or someone else i used to fight, but i never disrespected or complained against a whole MU..

If you don't respect our hard work, then don't disrespect it at least..

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Comments (24)
03-10-2018 0:21:38
(8 months ago)


02-10-2018 22:37:52
(8 months ago)

I agree with comment from this noob Hocci

02-10-2018 20:25:50
(8 months ago)

srpski ratnik kdje su vremena kad je postovanje nesto vrjedilo i kad smo zajedno tukli po svemu.... auuuuuuu bilo je gust

02-10-2018 5:15:39
(8 months ago)

KFZV I think Fransharry is asking us to be active again :3

02-10-2018 4:48:06
(8 months ago)

For the record, there have been times when I have asked Guerilla to be careful about fighting people who the USA is trying to make peace with and Guerilla has always been reasonable about working with me.

For example, when WolfPack was claiming they wanted peace with Cartel and complained about Guerilla damage against Turkey, I asked them to avoid fighting Turkey if they could.

Of course, when WolfPack says they want peace, everyone knows they are lying and intend to attack. But I am not a liar and I honored my word, even though I knew they would betray their own word.

The fact of the matter is most problems such as these can be solved by talking. When any country has a problem, but does not open diplomatic channels and instead chooses to take action, then it is clear that they want a problem and do not want a solution.

02-10-2018 1:59:17
(8 months ago)

If u dont know that u need to include guerilla in a nap if u dont want them in your battles u are noob.

There are several nap what contains a point about guerilla too. Some i wrote myself.

Merc statment from bangladesh cp is just stupid. I do not wonder why he disabled comments at the end.

02-10-2018 1:21:09
(8 months ago)

actually nobody said we can win alone or you will give up.I didnt understand why you told this, really I don't care what will you do.I wrote a comment about the new Guerillas and how Cartel will call them.Simple so if you have no idea about that don't spam me.

02-10-2018 1:20:43
(8 months ago)

And who lost wit this is Wolfpack, we could cooperate, be friends, but Wolfpack choosed be puppets, sad but true.

02-10-2018 1:16:58
(8 months ago)

Albus Kahuna Dumbledore Personally I do not care for threats, and Wolfpack can´t win Cartel alone,so the funniest will be see you running for Fear help at your RWs , like is happenning now.

But for us the important is keep our friendship, and do not give up, because we will hit till the end.

02-10-2018 1:14:10
(8 months ago)

We'll see

02-10-2018 1:09:12
(8 months ago)

Albus Kahuna Dumbledore Nah, only pussyes are wolfpack and Orion xD

02-10-2018 0:34:49
(8 months ago)

in the future someone will create same mu like guerilla.They will hit for China when they bored.They wont be sign any nap and give cheap dmgs to FEAR.They wont fight against the FEAR.But they will be neutral

and I am sure Cartel wont accept it and They will call them puppet of China.

Let's see.

01-10-2018 23:53:45
(8 months ago)

srpski_ratnik 's article is pathetic.

Hail Guerrilla!

01-10-2018 23:45:35
(8 months ago)

srpski_ratnik da ne govorim puno, i dalje te smatram prijateljem, znam dosta toga sta si sve radio za Gerilu, dugo sam ja ovdje.. Pirati i Gerila nikad i nece bit u problemima, pa vise sam ja proveo vremena na vasem irc kanalu nego pola tvojih saveznika tadasnjih i sadasnjih..
Ugl mislim da tvoj clanak stvarno nije bio potreban, niti je bilo potrebno spominjat Guerrillu uopce.. Za te informacije si mogao sam upitati ili mene ili predsjednika amerike.

Tvoj cijeli clanak je bio upucen prema meni i Guerrilli tako da sam samo odgovorio na njega istim primjerom.. Uvijek presutim kad vidim takva sranja, al ovaj put stv nisam htjeo..

01-10-2018 23:41:59
(8 months ago)

Don't we love the drama <3

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