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Mercy. Changes. (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by


I happy to tell you, that our alliance/coalition have changes. Sadly my news are old. But all news are gossip until official announcement. So...

Hail Mercy:
Czech Republic
Republic of Macedonia

As you see, Netherlands now are full member. And very old "news" - Poland was excluded from coalition about two weeks ago, after making direct damage to coalition/alliance. Sadly they don't keep promises, doesn't talk about changing them, but silently fight on their own. That was the reason, why I was against their membership in Mercy in the first place, that is the reason they are excluded. Sadly for all lies I can't wish them best of luck.

Have a good time, Primera.

Lazy Panda

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Comments (37)
11-02-2017 23:38:25
(1 year ago)


11-02-2017 5:16:47
(1 year ago)

Sad mercy

10-02-2017 17:56:10
(1 year ago)

Panda stole christmas.

09-02-2017 23:19:28
(1 year ago)

Panda stole Christmas!

Yes! Finally we're talking business

09-02-2017 23:02:37
(1 year ago)

egzo6, you mean, Mercy is guilty, because:
1. PL CP can't represent country's interest (if they changed after joining);
2. PL CP (or representatives) can't ask for help;
3. PL CP gives bad orders for MUs inside Poland;
4. PL had only 1 representative, who is lying for people, to cover his butt;
5. Mercy gives PL exactly what was agreed.

Oh yes, I feel guilty. Very very guilty. Bad Panda. Panda stole Christmas!

09-02-2017 22:26:43
(1 year ago)


09-02-2017 22:11:12
(1 year ago)

Panda I ignore all others because they are total bull5h** or not connected to the topic xD I don't have any problems with You, You have a problem that You have lost a friend and gained enemy by Your actions, it's not mine problem

09-02-2017 21:51:43
(1 year ago)

This is useless just Follow my lead

09-02-2017 21:45:24
(1 year ago)

Every countries have some puppets and slaves. If we call a country that it is not slave to another one, only one country left and that is Chiwan. We fought against them with all countries. What changed?

I never liked both Lithuania and Poland. But if we are talking about slavement, It looks being Chiwan slave better than others. At least you have an option to choose what you want to do.

09-02-2017 21:35:21
(1 year ago)

egzo6, it's all bullsh*t. You answer one question, but ignore others.

P.S. I don't know, why you think Germany is more important... In last few weeks I remember maybe one (or 0) battle with second(!) prio for Germany. It's all about what is better for whole alliance, not for a single country. Even if that country is Poland. Even if your goals when PL joined Mercy was only(!) support alliance. You never said your goals are changed, so why you are so angry?

Alliance can not fight for countries, if for countries don't fight their representatives.

09-02-2017 20:10:27
(1 year ago)

Why Poland battles are more important, than others?
well the thing is, they are not, but for what I have done, I got completely 0k dmg in my battles, i were alone against 3, we are suppose to help each other not only help one country because the country made the alliance.

09-02-2017 19:53:18
(1 year ago)

I stopped going on irc channel after You left me alone with Romania

Do you understand, how works any alliance? We have X power, enemy Y power. If we transfer some power from one battles to (for example) your battles, enemy transfers some power too. So if we would transfer some fighters to help you, the same would do enemy. Plus a lot of other things. We can talk about it in other article about "How alliance works". But that's not the point. Point is...

1. All our alliance was in mega battles. Why Poland battles are more important, than others? If you asked for this war, you have more fighters and you should have more resources (at least on paper)? Arguments, please.
2. Why you didn't ask for help? I mean when I need help, I ask for higher priority for my battle, I prove my battle is important. Did you did that? No. If that is such a problem, why not?

Short version of situation, imho. You blame me/alliance for your own mistakes. Man-up.

09-02-2017 19:29:27
(1 year ago)

Everything is good. Keep calm and serve Germany.

09-02-2017 19:21:04
(1 year ago)

well egzo6 you said in past something different...

09-02-2017 18:46:44
(1 year ago)

3. Poland will be out of resources after few days of fighting.
PandaLT I could buy alot of q5 weps..but what for? Alliance is to fight together, but not in mercy.

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