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E-Sim PandaLT way (Political)
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Sometimes with all those articles about ultimatums to admins and hate to temp. servers... I think only very few people understand, what is happening in E-Sim. Or maybe I'm the only one, who understands both sides - E-Sim creator and players. Maybe it's worth to have a patience and read this wall of text even with my bad English.

This article will have three parts. First will be E-Sim history as I see it. Or intro. Second will be a letter to Primera [I will use only this, but you can add any other server and it'll be true] players and third will be a letter to Admin [I will use this term, but I'm talking about all developers/creators, but not GO's]. Lets start from history.


Before we start, lets keep in mind, that this game was started by a single man, not a rich company with lots of money. In general that's why it is what it is. So, history.

When very first players started to play this game, they had a promise from admin to never add "Buy gold" option to this game. Everyone had to be equal. But sometimes reality hits in to the face. Same here. He thought he will have enough advertising such as banners and mass mails, but it didn't happen. I think because Railman is a developer, but not a marketing shark. So he needed money for servers/backups/internet traffic/advertising/salaries. It had to be done, because E-Sim would die. Not expanding/no new features is also a death, only slower.

So, instead of adding "Buy gold" option to Primera, he kept his promise and opened Secura with "Buy gold". That's when it started to fail. People split up - some started playing Secura. Then people started to trade gold between servers and very very big number of people where banned because of this reason. Especially I regret those, who bought gold in Secura to transfer gold to Primera at bad ratio and got banned for that... :/ The only good thing here - Admin made gold so expensive, that only small part of people could buy.

Yes, from today's perspective we can say it was failure, one of the biggest he made. He should add "Buy gold" option to Primera instead. Yes, I mean it.

So, after Secura he got money, he was trying to introduce new people to communicate with community, remember? New options where developed (equipment, auctions etc), remember? But at that time money run out and he opened one more new server, Suna. People split up even more. But enjoyment went down, we lost initiative players. Players, who invited most of old players here. Instead of competing inside the community against each other, we all started to compete, who will write better hate article to Admin.

Game was totally abandoned, up to the point when Admin started to advertise his other projects to what he thought was dead game. But then he came up with the idea of temporary servers and, oh God, it worked! Finally that gave a hope.

Last new thought was way better - new servers with different speed and different region structure. To be honest, that's one of the best ideas in last years - not a game clone, but a base for very big amount of other options. For example, new temp server could be with "night protection" - each country can determinate it's own protection time, when country can not be attacked or even battles can be frozen automatically. Or separate servers for US, Asia and Europe players (people could choose their time zone, for example people who play at night in Europe because their job, etc). Or... You get the point.


Dear players.

You are trying to get Primera into a mystery place where it was several years ago. It will never happen. There will never be one server. Never. It's not possible under any condition. Because none of you pay for Primera/Secura/Suna enough (if at all) money to keep it running. I'm not even talking about developing and adding new things. You kill temporary servers, you kill E-Sim. Game is alive for money from players, who play temporary servers.

That's why "Buy gold" option will remain forever.

So I suggest you to think how to change and develop new servers and Primera, because new servers will remain forever.

Players, don't forget - you fight for your server, but Admin's task is to fight for E-Sim [survival]


Dear admin.

I bet you say for yourself and to people near you in E-Sim world you can fix some problems and you see hope in the end of the tunnel. All you need is a little bit more time. But guess what - you won't have any, if you won't fix crucial problems.


Some problems like "bug let players to overtake party" is not serious. It is important as a sign for players "I am here and I still think about new developments". I mean, it is, when you can play. First thing what you have to do is to stop server downtimes. I fight +/- once in few months. So last time 2 last minutes of the round (also called t2) lasted around 30 minutes. The time before that - one round 2.5 hours (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) next one - about 9 hours. I was waiting from curiosity. But now - if I can't hit, I'm not playing.

So tell me, really - would you wait for 2.5 hours just to hit your daily limits? Or 9 hours I think no. So why people here have to experience it every day? At some point people will stop playing, because I don't know any other game, where you have to try to connect to the game to find if you can already play or not It is simply stupid.

All this criticism, all there improvements, all these new servers won't matter, if you won't find a way to guarantee stable way to play. Game is done without it. Clock is ticking.

If you won't fix first problem, you can stop reading, because it doesn't matter.


Find a way to communicate with people. Because now it works only one way. For example people offer you new ideas. What is your (or your staff) reaction to that? None. Zero. For example you did few brainstorms few months ago. One of them was for new ideas for E-Sim. People posted ideas in Discord, and what was your reaction? None. I mean, do you think "Thank you for your opinion, we will think about it" copy/paste text is too much? Do you think people want to join Discord channel, if that works like one way letters to junk mail? I mean, even junk mailbox sometimes has an answer "You shouldn't reply to this address" (!)


Make a very big FAQ. With all kinds of answers to questions that GO gets. Full answers, so people could read, and GO's in Helpdesk could simply give a link to that answer. It would save a lot of time. I was on Helpdesk for a few days simply from curiosity. 90% from those questions are or very simple, or very stupid. Link to a FAQ would save their time and their could provide better, smarter, not so strict-by-the rules care of remaining players. Because that's a very big job.


Create better app for the game. These days game without an app is dead game. I mean, really functional and working


Decrease the amount of gold players get's for free from game. With such a small amount of players that gold changes game balance and creates all kind of strange situations. And ofc, the more people get gold, the less they buy.

And/or think about changing gold price so that everyone could buy. And pay from their phones.


Players on all servers needs workers. If they are active on that server, they could use 2clickers. To have them, I would make wallet in gold (only) one (united) for all servers. You need few golds - go, 2click on few more servers, sell your clicks and everyone is happy.

At the same time, for example I could be more active on Secura/Suna. But i'm poor there. But I have tons and tons of gold in Primera I will never use. So I could give action on other servers. Primera won't lose (because that gold won't be used anyway), and other servers win. In general - E-Sim wins.

Last wishes for Admin

I understand it's hard for you to do something for community, when all you get in return is hate. But I think you know, that it's mostly your own fault. As you know, people like to criticize after some time ("It was a bad idea". Yes, that's kinda stupid, esp. if players didn't gave good alternative in return. Also some of those critics are simply kids, who does not understand what is happening outside their small part of the E-Sim world. Anyway, never mind.


Update: To those, who thinks/writes Admin will ignore this article. I don't care. My opinion is - if we want to criticize, we have to write our suggestions, otherwise it's stupid short-minded hate, that doesn't deserve to be read. So, I did my job - I named a problem, I named solution, I will spread this article as much as I can. That's it, nothing more I can do. Next step is after Admin. If not - well, he knows, what if....


That's all, i'm done.


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